Comparing Domestic vs. Overseas Electronic Manufacturing

February 21, 2024

When looking for an electronic contract manufacturer to partner with for PCB assembly, cost will always be a consideration. Many overseas electronic contract manufacturers will attempt to highlight their lower costs as a primary advantage. In reality, while the initial quote may come in under domestic options, partnering with a domestic ECM will always save […]

Cost Estimation in Electronic Manufacturing: Factors to Consider

February 19, 2024

When you have finished the design and development of your new device and are ready to bring your product through the manufacturing process, you will likely start by meeting with several potential electronic contract manufacturers and obtain cost estimates for production. Understanding the factors that go into this estimated cost can help you accurately compare […]

Common Challenges in Printed Circuit Board Assembly and How to Overcome Them

September 27, 2023

There are several common challenges that impact all PCB assembly. Some challenges are merely annoyances, while others can significantly impact performance. To overcome or avoid these challenges, partner with a quality ECM who can assist with the design process and address potential issues before they become problems.

Ask the Right Questions and You’ll Find the Right ECM Partner

August 15, 2023

Before partnering with an electronic contract manufacturer (ECM), finding one that suits all your manufacturing needs is essential. While contract manufacturing companies might share some similarities, they are not equal. Avoid wasting valuable resources with a trial-and-error approach; instead, ask the right questions before hiring an ECM partner for your next PCB project.

What Is Included in an Electronic Manufacturing Box Build Assembly?

January 11, 2023

A box build enclosure includes all the assembly work taken place after the production of the PCB. A box build will usually include sub-assemblies, installation of components, routing of cabling and wiring, and fabrication of the enclosure itself. For a successful box build, both the client and the electronic manufacturer need to work together from […]

Ultimate Capabilities Checklist for Outsourcing to a Trusted Electronic Contract Manufacturing Shop

October 26, 2022

When you are developing a product with a PCB component, outsourcing to a trusted ECM shop is one of the best decisions your company can make. Maintaining a full engineering team for design as well as a turnkey manufacturing line simply isn’t practical for most companies, so an ECM partner is the perfect solution to […]

Key Factors in Outsourcing a Successful Military Cable Assembly to an Electronic Manufacturer

July 7, 2022

Along with PCBAs, cable assemblies form the very heart of your military electronic system project. They need to be rugged, flexible, light, and ready to stand up to the toughest environmental conditions. When outsourcing your military cable assembly projects to an electronic manufacturer, it is important to weigh the key factors that can affect the […]

Capabilities Necessary for Successful Government PCBA

June 13, 2022

When you have a government contract and need a PCBA that is government ready, you need to make sure you have the right ECM partner with the capabilities necessary to handle the high regulations of government manufacturing. Finding a domestic, turnkey facility with the right capabilities can make your government project a success.

What You’ll Need to Outsource Your Box Build to an Electronic Manufacturer

February 4, 2022

You have options when it comes to your electronics. If you need complete system integration, a box build may be the perfect assembly solution for your project, and outsourcing this to an experienced electronic manufacturer is a great idea. In the world of electronics, a box build is a relatively new concept. It is a […]

What Makes a Good Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Electronic Manufacturer?

February 3, 2021

Details matter when choosing the right cable and wire harness assembly manufacturer. The manufacturing equipment, the project team, and the capabilities the electronic manufacturer can provide all combine to make a successful product for your end user. A shop that doesn’t focus on the details can leave your design and assembly open to missteps.