The Future of Electronic Manufacturing: Industry Predictions

March 5, 2024

The demand for electronic manufacturing services continues to grow exponentially as technology advances and the demand for more electronic components in everyday devices continues. Predicting the future of technology is always difficult, as advancements happen rapidly and product development struggles to keep up, but understanding the needs of consumers can help product developers and electronic […]

Supply Chain Resilience in Electronic Manufacturing

February 23, 2024

Disruptions in the supply chain are always a concern for PCB designers and electronic contract manufacturers. High demand for electronic components, decreased production due to external events, and poor part forecasting all contribute to these issues. If the components are not readily available, products may need to be redesigned, timelines can be delayed, and the […]

Comparing Domestic vs. Overseas Electronic Manufacturing

February 21, 2024

When looking for an electronic contract manufacturer to partner with for PCB assembly, cost will always be a consideration. Many overseas electronic contract manufacturers will attempt to highlight their lower costs as a primary advantage. In reality, while the initial quote may come in under domestic options, partnering with a domestic ECM will always save […]

Cost Estimation in Electronic Manufacturing: Factors to Consider

February 19, 2024

When you have finished the design and development of your new device and are ready to bring your product through the manufacturing process, you will likely start by meeting with several potential electronic contract manufacturers and obtain cost estimates for production. Understanding the factors that go into this estimated cost can help you accurately compare […]

The Importance of Intellectual Property Protection in Electronic Manufacturing

February 16, 2024

When you have designed and developed a new device, you likely will want to make sure that your intellectual property is protected, especially prior to bringing the product to market. However, in most cases, you will need to outsource the manufacturing to an electronic contract manufacturer. While this partnership is often necessary, it is understandable […]

Levison Enterprises Partners with Brandt Electronics in Military Supply Innovation

January 26, 2024

When selecting a military electronic contract manufacturer for your electronic field devices, it’s important to find a partner who has a strong reputation for exceptional quality and reliability. Brandt Electronics has been a respected manufacturer of power supplies for the military, and recently partnered with Levison Enterprises to repair and upgrade all their existing field […]

The Power of Collaboration: Levison Enterprises and Brandt Electronics Join Forces

January 16, 2024

At Levison Enterprises, we are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Brandt Electronics. As a leading electronic manufacturer and engineering firm, this collaboration is an exciting milestone in our mission to provide top-notch service and support to our clients. With this strategic alliance in place, we are now the sole source for all service, […]

How Will a DFM Analysis Impact Your Electronic Device?

January 8, 2024

One of the most important steps to take when bringing your electronic device into the manufacturing process is to get a DFM analysis. DFM (Design for Manufacturability) is the process of proactively designing products and devices that will optimize all facets of the manufacturing process. During the product development cycle, DFM will work with the […]

Ensure Quality Control in PCB Manufacturing: Tips for Achieving Consistent Results

December 20, 2023

Consistency in quality is the mark of both a good product and a strong manufacturing process. When you outsource your PCB manufacturing to an ECM, you trust them with keeping your standards of quality control. With best practices in place and high standards for quality, you can get the end results you need to keep […]

How to Optimize Your PCB Design for Manufacturing

December 18, 2023

Starting a project without taking into consideration the design for manufacturing guidelines can be a costly mistake. The more complex your device, the more crucial it is to make sure that the PCB has been well designed. To keep costs down, device quality high, and time to market optimized, you need to incorporate the right […]