In-House Engineering Services For Printed Circuit Boards

Man examining PCBHaving in-house engineers is crucial for PCB design and manufacturing. An extra set of eyes on your printed circuit board design can help streamline the design and improve your ideas. In-house engineers are on site from the onset to offer assistance in mechanical design, electronic design, and even software design.

Expertise and Experience from a PCB Engineer You Can Trust

Levison Enterprises has engineers with the right expertise and experience for the PCB board design you need. Our engineers are capable of tackling the most complicated and difficult design projects and applications.

We have a wide range of project experience and expertise, which will ensure that you have the right engineer on your project, working to develop the printed circuit board design to your exact specifications.

Our teams will look over the existing design and make suggestions that will increase the reliability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and manufacturability, which will optimize your production process.

In addition, having an experienced on-site engineer working on your PCB board design from the start minimizes the need for troubleshooting or repairs further down the line.

Printed Circuit Board Design

Levison Enterprises offers a full array of engineering and design services. The PCB engineering services include electronic and PCB board design with a quick turnaround for time-sensitive projects. The PCB engineer on your project will know how to streamline the most complicated design. Our turnkey process and clear communication within our engineering team will set your project up for success right from the beginning. We can respond to stringent requirements and offer suggestions to improve efficiency.

Our printed circuit board designs can be incorporated into high-speed, multi-layer boards, and anything else you may need. Our electronic design engineers have experience with CAD modeling and have vast expereince with a variety of industries including medical devices, food safety, government, defense, and aerospace projects. We can provide complete design support or work with your own engineers for greater efficiency. We will look at your project in-depth before moving into the production phase, ensuring that the design will not encounter errors that can be avoided early in the process.

PCB Engineering Services

Levison Enterprises is a turnkey facility that can see your PCB board design through the entire scope of the project. With a skilled ECM partnership, your project will benefit from: