Levison Enterprises is a high-quality, small-medium build PCB assembly manufacturer. At Levison Enterprises, we pride ourselves on providing all-encompassing printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) services tailored to your exact needs and serviced in-house at each level.

Our assemblers are trained under J-STD-001 requirements and inspect to IPC A-610 Standards. Quality initiatives and dexterity help us provide seamless and truly elite PCB assembly services for our partners and clients.

pcb assembly at Levison Enterprieses

We can handle your PCB assembly needs with the precision, care, and efficiency that reflects our history of providing expert PCB engineering and design services in addition to our high-quality PCB assembly, manufacturing, and repair services. Our attention to detail and quality standards continues to position Levison Enterprises as a leader in the PCB assembly industry.

PCB Design Services

Our in-house design and engineering teams focus on collaboration with clients to create functional, efficiently designed electronic products. Years of experience with evolving technologies allow us to serve a wide variety of clients across many industries.

Past projects have included designing printed circuit boards and electronic components for medical device companies, military applications, government contracts, food service equipment, and aerospace engineering.

The skill and techniques we use to serve our clients include:

  • Robust design capabilities with the latest cutting-edge software, applications, and equipment.
  • Experienced mechanical design using platforms such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks.
  • Multiple display technologies.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • 3D printing capabilities.
  • Machine-user interface designs.
  • Extensive Design For Manufacture analysis using state-of-the-art testing equipment and techniques.
  • Complete product design from planning to development to production.