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Delivering the Perfect Balance of

Levison Enterprises is not your average electronic contract manufacturer. We provide expert design and engineering support, robust quality assurance measures, and up-to-date technology, all wrapped into an affordable domestic partner you can count on.

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At Levison Enterprises, we have invested time and resources into obtaining and maintaining our quality certifications. We have adopted stringent process systems throughout our entire design and manufacturing operations. Each member of our team takes pride in knowing they have played a part in our process metrics. Through a culture of continuous improvement, we conduct internal and external reviews and audits. We believe that a strong focus on reliability leads to customer satisfaction.

8 Key Things to Know Before
Hiring an Electronic Contract Manufacturer

The process of hiring a new ECM is never an easy task. We’ve outlined 8 key areas that you should know when vetting your next partner to ensure that you are making the right choice.

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