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Seagate Mobile Security Solutions

For over 8 years Seagate Mobile Security Solutions has been working closely with Levison Enterprises and some of the country’s largest construction companies to tailor mobile trailer security solutions to the industry’s specific security needs. Seagate, with Levison Enterprises’ support in electronic assembly and design, is becoming a leading innovator in construction site security solutions. […]

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Experienced With Government Contracts

Experience is important, and that is especially true in government contracting.  Levison Enterprises has worked with the FAA, Department of Defense and other government agencies on several multiyear, high value contracts and continue to seek out new opportunities to increase our experience. We have the systems and personnel to effectively quote and manage government programs.  […]

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Reliability in Mobility

Close to 7 million people in the United States alone rely on mobility equipment.  It’s important that those individuals know they can trust their equipment to function reliably and without disruption to their daily lives.  In an industry where quality and reliability are a necessity, Levison Enterprises is a leading provider of printed circuit board […]

Levison Enterprises provides dedicated quality processes to produce reliable critical to performance electronic integrated products through design support, comprehensive manufacturing solutions and collaborative engagement with clients.


Industries We Serve

Government Military & Aviation Electronic Product Design, Engineering, Production

Dedicated to being a reliable supplier to the FAA, Department of Defense and other branches of the U.S. Government. Learn more about government

Aerospace Electronic Product Design, Engineering, Production

Putting our ISO certifications and processes to work in an industry that demands the highest quality and even higher reliability. Learn more

Industrial Electronic Product Design, Engineering, Production

Provide product development solutions and quality product to the specifications required by our customers.Learn how we help

Medical Electronic Product Design, Engineering, Production

Our ISO quality certifications and processes qualify us to perform in an industry where critical to performance parts and electronic assemblies matter. Learn More 

Food Safety Electronic Product Design, Engineering, Production

Delivering manufacturing and design solutions in applications that require reliable and precise measurements.See the Difference

Mobility Electronic Product Design, Engineering, Production

Proud to partner with an industry leader and innovator in building solutions that change the life of individuals with limited mobility. Learn more


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