Levison Enterprises is the electronic assembly partner you’ve been looking for. Whether you need 10 boards or 1000, we are your source for domestic PCB and cabinet assembly.

As a design engineer, I don’t do assembly, I only design. Finding Levison Enterprises has been a good fit for me. I can trust my designs to them for my clients. Their quality certifications were a huge plus for my customers.

Levison’s Engineering team and I compliment each other. It’s nice to have that extra set of eyes on my designs before they are assembled. I actually send Levison projects that I’ve been asked to complete that I know Levison can do. And Levison sends me projects that they feel I’m better suited for.

It’s been a great symbiotic relationship

~ Design Electronic Engineering Partner

We still have legacy products from 1960’s Levison has the patience to find the solution for our legacy products. We have displays that are over 35 years old, that EPI Global designed, that are just now coming in for service. These products are built to last and that’s why we continue to have Levison Enterprises service our equipment.

Levison continues to have the ability to produce high spec harness cables for us.

Levison Enterprises went above and beyond by building simulators to troubleshoot a problem that we were having in the field. We were able to have crews repair on-site, due to their engineering solutions, which kept our fleet in service during what could’ve been a costly downtime for the unit.

They maintain a great reputation among ships & aircraft in terms of their radar capabilities.

~ Long-Standing Customer With Legacy Product Repair and Service

We had a brand new product that we were creating. No one in our industry has this. Levison created its own way to test the accuracy of our product and that was huge for us in terms of keeping our costs down, by not having to send the device out for testing.

Working with the Levison team has helped our product get to market faster.

~ On-Going Turn-Key Assembly Customer

Levison’s team gives us a heads up on any potential problems. Levison’s engineering team can make changes on the fly to our builds and seeks out alternative materials. Their engineers can introduce engineering changes quicker than any of our other vendors. We have a great working relationship with the engineering department

The consistency has been spot on. We recently asked them to quote more projects.

~ Engineering Partner, Full Electronic Assembly and Design

Our relationship with Levison started as a PCB prototype. We decided to keep our PCB assembly with Levison due to price. After our initial relationship, we realized that Levison can actually construct and complete the wire harness and cabinet as well. Our in-house assembly team can’t touch the prices that we get by outsourcing our cabinet assembly to Levison Enterprises.

We work with Levison Enterprises because they don’t settle on quality over price. They use quality products, from vetted suppliers. We’ve come to trust the reliability that Levison Enterprises provides on our builds.

Dave Levison is very hands-on CEO with everything we run through Levison. It’s unusual in a CEO, but he knows our products inside and out.

When the CEO is working on your project you know it’s in good hands

~ Electronic Assembly Partner

Our main company assembly is overseas, however, it’s cheaper and easier for us to do our assemblies at Levison Enterprises, than go back and forth with our parent company. We can ship faster and get our products out the door faster.

It’s been a great partnership.

~ International Customer

With our previous PCB supplier, we had a fail rate of 5 out of 25 boards. Once we moved to Levison, we have had 1 board fail in the 12 months we’ve been with them.

And they fixed it before it was shipped to us.

~ Prototype Build Customer, 100% supply rate

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