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Military & Defense Electronics

If you need electronic repair or electronic manufacturing, Levison Enterprises is mission-ready to help.

Levison Enterprises, with its extensive experience and expertise, is the ideal partner to handle any defense electronics project. Whether it’s electronic repair or a complete design-build, we stand ready as a trusted military electronics manufacturer.

Manufacturing For Defense Electronics

radar designed and manufactured by a military electronics manufacturer Defense electronics face unique challenges. Finding a trusted partner with the right certifications that can handle every aspect of military electronics manufacturing from start to finish can be a challenge. Reducing downtime is critically important when repairs are needed, and finding a defense electronics manufacturer that can identify the root cause and handle the repair quickly can be challenging.

Repair Services For Military Electronics

Defense electronics partners must show their capabilities, experience, and understanding of the unique requirements for repairing military electronic devices. Our mission-ready military and government electronic repairs can help maintain your in-field equipment and stay ahead of adversaries. Investing in ongoing maintenance and electronic upgrades ensures that your products remain at the forefront of defense and security solutions.

Brant Electronics Repair & Maintenance Services

As Brandt Electronics’ trusted repair and service provider, we are committed to ensuring optimal performance and mission readiness for their power supplies in the field. Levison Enterprises is your primary point of contact for all service, upgrades, and troubleshooting needs. Our exclusive access to technical data ensures accurate and efficient support for your Brandt products.

Working Towards CMMC

Learn more about how Levison Enterprises is already working towards our CMMC Level 3 to support our military electronics manufacturing.

Learn More About Levison and CMMC

Domestic Military Electronics

To find the right military electronics manufacturer for your defense electronic needs, focus on three key factors: domestic partnership, turnkey capabilities, and qualifications.

A turnkey facility provides comprehensive in-house solutions covering design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing. This ensures adherence to standards and regulations while minimizing downtime by addressing issues promptly.

Our defense electronics repair services offer turnkey solutions, ensuring seamless project execution and minimizing risks associated with multi-partner engagements. 

With expertise in design, programming, testing, and manufacturing, our qualified team ensures your project’s success from start to finish. Additionally, our repair services for defense electronics provide timely and efficient solutions to ensure critical systems’ operational readiness and longevity.

A domestic military electronics manufacturer is critical for military electronics manufacturing projects. Domestic ECMs will most likely have the vetted supply chain necessary for a defense electronic project. Suppliers for military projects have different specifications, and an ECM with experience in government projects will understand these needs. Validated, defense-approved supply chains are crucial. The risk of counterfeit parts is far too high to risk using an ECM with unknown and unproven suppliers. A domestic ECM will have plans for obsolescence and counterfeit component mitigation in place, as well as the security precautions necessary for a defense electronics project.

Certifications for Your Military Electronics Manufacturer

Levison Enterprises understands that military electronics manufacturing requires a continuous commitment to improvement through education, training, and certifications. Levison Enterprises has all the certifications necessary for defense contracts, including:

CMM3 Level 3 Certification


CMMC is Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and provides support for all defense contractors. This certification is the solution to fix low rates of compliance. Only businesses working towards obtaining CMMC certification with vetted security measures and document handling processes should work on projects related to the US military.

AS9100 Certification Logo

AS9100 Certification by NSF-ISR

AS9100 certification by NSF-ISR is an aerospace quality management certification. AS9100 is a highly stringent quality standard that provides greater part and product traceability throughout the design and manufacturing process. This certification is becoming increasingly necessary for the aerospace industry and ensures that the strict requirements are met.

ISO9001 Certification Logo

ISO 9001 Certification by NSF-ISR

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. The ISO conducts third-party audits to check compliance. This our certification is one of the most recognizable in the industry and designates all holders to utilize a customer-centric quality management system to drive the design and manufacturing process. It ensures customer satisfaction while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements.

International Traffic in Arms Regulations seal

ITAR Registration

ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) is a set of regulations from the US State Department used to control the import and export of sensitive defense related information and materials. Partners who are registered with ITAR will classify ITAR related projects correctly and handle the information properly.

IPC J Standard Logo

IPC and J Standard Certification

These are workmanship certifications for soldering cables and circuit board assemblies. All manufacturing team members must undergo training and pass testing to earn the certifications.

Mission Ready Projects Are Our Specialty

As an AS9100 certified by NSF-ISR electronic manufacturer working towards CMMC Level 3, Levison Enterprises has the processes in place to manufacture and assemble electronic projects for military and aerospace applications.

Speak With Our Sales Team

Military Electronics Manufacturer Services

Levison Enterprises has engineers and experts on staff who are ready to tackle any services necessary for military electronic projects.

We can create designs from scratch or look at your current design for optimization to help streamline the production process. Levison can handle all the programming and testing for the project, negating the need to outsource another piece of the project. As a turnkey solution for military electronics manufacturing, Levison can offer many of the services necessary for your defense or aerospace project, including:

Electronic Assembly

Levison Enterprises understands the extreme conditions these devices will encounter and adjusts to account for these rugged conditions before assembling PCBs.

Electronic Design Engineering

Finding a defense electronics design partner can be challenging. The right engineers can perform a DFM (Design for Manufacturing) analysis to streamline, optimize, and enhance current projects to make them more efficient.

PCB Prototyping

Rapid prototyping, including 3D printing, is important to help move the project through the design phase to identify any potential issues before a production run quickly.

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

The right defense electronics partner will offer various services to meet all needs, including assembly of cable and wire harnesses, cabinet assembly, and continuity testing.

Electronic Repair Services

Do you have a device or panel that needs service? You can send it directly to Levison Enterprises, where we can repair it or find a solution to a problem to help repair your item in the field.


Trusted Military Electronics Manufacturers

Levison Enterprises is dedicated to serving the defense industry, acting as a steadfast partner with a team of seasoned electronic engineers and professionals poised to deliver cost-effective, high-quality products within specified timelines.

Our mission-ready military and government electronic repair services ensure the readiness of your in-field equipment power supplies and displays. By investing in ongoing maintenance and electronic upgrades, Levison Enterprises can help consistently lead the way in defense electronics and security solutions.

With a deep understanding of government specifications, we streamline the production process, ensuring seamless progress from inception to completion.

Our comprehensive turnkey electronic assembly and manufacturing services consolidate all necessary resources under one roof, enabling us to manage even the most intricate and sensitive projects efficiently. Together, we can navigate your military electronic manufacturing endeavors with precision and reliability, meeting every milestone with confidence.