As a leading provider of electronic contract manufacturing services for industrial electronics, our focus is on customer satisfaction and a continued commitment to excellence. We value our reputation to deliver products on time, within budget, and to your exact specifications.

Rapid Prototyping For Industrial Electronics

Printing circuit industrial electronicsRapid prototyping is key in industrial electronics. Rapid prototyping can provide peace of mind knowing you have worked out all the potential issues in your product design before production. Through our extensive industry experience coupled with our highly skilled engineering team, Levison Enterprises has developed an efficient rapid prototyping process.

We use 3D printing to create prototypes that can decrease your lead time and speed up the production process while ensuring product quality. This valuable process reduces the need for troubleshooting and redesign later in the process. The advantage of rapid prototyping is that you can produce multiple versions of your design to find the one that will work best.

Industrial Automation and Robotics in Manufacturing

The advances of industrial automation and robotics in manufacturing are helping to create more efficient facilities to allow us to keep up with new technology and increasing customer demands. As consumers demand more electronics in a smaller footprint, automation and robotics can move from simply performing repeatable, fixed applications to more complex and unstructured environments where robotics technology can adjust based on real-time decision making.