Cable & Wire Harness

Cable & Wire Harness Manufacturer Levison Enterprises

Cable and wire harness assemblies require high-quality components that can withstand harsh environments. As a cable and wire harness manufacturer, Levison Enterprises achieve high quality by focusing on the assembly process for our cable and wire harnesses.

Our Capabilities as Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Manufacturers

Cable assembly manufacturers and wire harness manufacturers go hand in hand with an electronic assembly service. A good electronic manufacturing partner will have the capabilities for any additional services your project may need, including:

  • Round and flat cables
  • Analog cables and electronic length measurement
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Hand and automated termination processing,
  • Continuity testing

Levison Enterprises has the means to complete your full cable and wire harness assembly with precision and end-product reliability.

Design and Prototyping

The most crucial step cable assembly manufacturers take is in the planning and design stage. All cable and wire harness manufacturers understand the need to thoroughly and precisely design and plan any assembly projects before they begin. Levison’s design engineers take precise measurements to know exactly how much wire is needed for any connection, accounting for a bit of give so connectors plugin easily without compromising the wirework. Prototyping is there to work out any issues that weren’t discovered in the design phase and allows engineers to take the cable and wire harness assembly from the theoretical stage to the experimental stage, coming up with even better designs and plans.