Levison Enterprises’ rapid electronic prototyping helps our clients create cost-effective designs with minimal chance of needing to redesign or redo, helping impress your potential investors with innovative ideas.

Prototyping is a necessary stage of the manufacturing process. After design and before production, there is a window where you, together with your electronic manufacturer, can take a thorough look at the design and components of your project. A prototype will allow your project to move from the theoretical stage to the concrete stage, and this is your opportunity to identify and address potential problems.

Our Electronic Prototyping Services

Rapid electronic prototyping - Employee using prototyping software Computer-aided design (CAD) experts can deliver rapid prototyping through 3D printing for any size electronic project. Levison Enterprises focuses on effective, meaningful, and reliable communication to tweak and rework a prototype to make it the best product possible. When your prototype is created, you will be able to see the functionality and reliability that comes from internal and external quality audits throughout the development.

DFM Analysis Before Prototyping

DFM (Design for Manufacturing) analysis looks at your design from the eye of the manufacturer. Many designs look flawless at the theoretical stage, but will run into issues during production due to components selected, size, structure, or any number of features. Having our engineers perform a DFM analysis before prototyping ensures that you will not waste time and money on a prototype that will not be suitable for production, or worse, a production run of an inefficient product. DFM analysis looks at all the factors that will go into your product before prototyping, and can address the best practices for cost-effective, efficient, and quality manufacturing at the design stage.

Engineering Services for Prototyping

The services begin with prototyping pre-production. This is the time to make sure your design is how you envisioned it. In pre-production, you and your engineering team will check that all parts are available and can be sourced as necessary. Skipping this step can mean that a market change in parts availability can trip up your design. In the prototype production, you will see that the product is manufactured correctly and you have the right team who understands your product needs. Design errors will be identified and corrected, and another prototype may be created with those errors addressed. Only a PCB prototype can fully identify issues with design, functionality, and size. A PCB prototype will be thoroughly inspected.