A good working relationship is paramount in any industry. Levison Enterprises knows this. So does electronics design engineer Jim Kirkman. Jim has teamed up with Levison for the last year and a half for prototyping and electronics manufacturing. Jim is a designer. He was in need of a supplier who could handle his production of printed circuit boards. Levison Enterprises was able to supply Jim with solutions to fill his customers’ needs. What has developed is an honest business relationship with Kirkman and Levison adding to each other’s skillsets.

Here is how Jim, with the support of Levison Enterprises’, successfully continues to supply his clients with quality, finished products he designs for them.


I’m strictly a design engineer. I needed to find a manufacturing partner who can assemble to the high standards my customers expect, at an affordable price. Every step of the way, Levison Enterprises works to make sure that both my customer and I are happy with the final result

Jim Kirkman, Design Engineer