The Importance of Providing Detailed Information for Accurate Printed Circuit Board Quotes

July 24, 2023

When outsourcing the production of your printed circuit board (PCB) to an electronic contract manufacturer, receiving a fast and accurate quote upfront is important for your bottom line. However, both the manufacturer and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) face risks when it comes to quoting. A quote that is too high may scare away the […]

Documents Required for Turnkey Electronic Assembly

July 6, 2023

When you outsource your PCB assembly, providing the complete documentation is essential. Sharing all the design files gives the PCB team all the information necessary to complete the assembly efficiently and correctly. Sharing this documentation provides the electronic manufacturing team not only the information that will allow them to complete the project with the correct […]

BOM Management is Key to Successful Electronic Manufacturing

March 31, 2023

The bill of materials (BOM) is essential in the design and production phase of electronic devices, starting with printed circuit boards (PCBs). A BOM is like a recipe listing all the items your manufacturing partner will need to build your product. Partnering with an electronic manufacturer with design support is extremely helpful and can make a […]

From Concept to Electronic Manufacturing: Building a Trusted Electronic Device

February 27, 2023

Your end product is only as good as your electronic manufacturer. Levison Enterprises offers design service, product packaging and shipping, and everything in between. We can help you through every step of the process from concept to manufacturing, assembly, and beyond.

What Is Included in an Electronic Manufacturing Box Build Assembly?

January 11, 2023

A box build enclosure includes all the assembly work taken place after the production of the PCB. A box build will usually include sub-assemblies, installation of components, routing of cabling and wiring, and fabrication of the enclosure itself. For a successful box build, both the client and the electronic manufacturer need to work together from […]

How your BOM Can Affect the Success of Your Next PCB

December 13, 2022

Your BOM can impact your entire project, and that includes impacting it in both a good or a bad way. A complete, specific, and comprehensive BOM will keep everything on track. However, if you are missing anything from your BOM, you could face costly delays and even risk product failure. Component shortages are still challenging, […]

How to Ensure Accurate Quotes From Your Electronic Contract Manufacturer

October 31, 2022

It’s standard practice to obtain a quote when outsourcing your custom manufacturing project to an electronic contract manufacturer. It’s in the OEM and manufacturer’s best interest to be as accurate from the beginning as possible, but getting a quote that is precise and complete requires more than simply asking an ECM how much they charge.

Ultimate Capabilities Checklist for Outsourcing to a Trusted Electronic Contract Manufacturing Shop

October 26, 2022

When you are developing a product with a PCB component, outsourcing to a trusted ECM shop is one of the best decisions your company can make. Maintaining a full engineering team for design as well as a turnkey manufacturing line simply isn’t practical for most companies, so an ECM partner is the perfect solution to […]

Adding Value Through PCB Assembly Testing

October 12, 2022

Budgets are tight for every industry as material and component costs continue to rise. Tight budgets mean companies are looking for ways to save. In some cases, OEMs are opting out of testing during the manufacturing process, arguing that the peace of mind that comes from testing doesn’t justify the savings of eliminating that step. […]

When to Consider Using a Multilayer Printed Circuit Board

September 23, 2022

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) have become an integral part of the devices we love and use daily. They are everywhere we look from handheld portable electronic devices to industrial machines, communication devices, and consumer electronics. Today’s PCBs are more complex and contain different shapes and materials. They can be flex or rigid and contain a […]