Capabilities Necessary for Successful Government PCBA

When you have a government contract and need a PCBA that is government ready, you need to make sure you have the right ECM partner with the capabilities necessary to handle the high regulations of government manufacturing. Finding a domestic, turnkey facility with the right capabilities can make your government project a success.Military personnel on a high tech tablet.

Capable of Prototyping and Limited Runs

Prototyping and limited runs prior to the full-scale production run are essential for government PCBA projects. Prototyping ensures that your final PCB is designed for efficiency, performance, and durability. The on-site engineering team of a turnkey shop can give your design the much needed adjustments after a prototyping phase that will optimize and streamline your design so it is ready for a full-scale run.

Updated Technology and Equipment to Handle Your Project

If your ECM partner isn’t up to date with their equipment and technology, they are not the facility that should be handling your government PCBA. You need to be assured that the partner you choose is invested in moving their company forward with the right technology, equipment, and training. A process of continuous improvement demonstrated by your ECM partner can help build your confidence in their abilities and ensure a successful, reliable end product.

Turnkey Services

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It’s a good move to hire a turnkey ECM partner, which is a shop that has all the personnel, technology, and equipment to handle the entire project in-house. Your turnkey ECM should have on-site engineers who can help with DFM analysis, prototyping, testing, and troubleshooting. Everything your project needs should be handled under one roof with engineers on-site for every phase of the project.

High Standards and Relevant Experience

When choosing an ECM for your government PCBA, you need to know the company you partner with has the right knowledge and experience to handle the specific demands that come with government projects. It’s important to vet the ECMs you consider to make sure they have the right knowledge, certifications, and experience to handle the project. Can they handle the strict regulatory standards of a government project? The ECM you choose should have experience in government PCBA, a high degree of knowledge in your project type, and high standards for their work. They should conduct internal and external reviews to ensure that they are maintaining the quality their reputation demands of them.

Proper Certifications

Proper certifications are crucial to a government PCBA. Before you can begin the process, find out what certifications are needed and make sure that your ECM partner has the current proof of everything that is necessary. You should be provided with the ISO and AS9100 certifications, as well as ITAR compliance documentation. Maintaining these certifications means that your ECM takes their government project work seriously and will make sure that everything meets the regulatory requirements your project needs.

Vetted Suppliers

Counterfeit and poor-quality components are never acceptable, but in government projects, they can be catastrophic and do serious damage to your reputation. To mitigate the risk of counterfeit components, make sure that your ECM partner has a network of trusted and vetted suppliers.

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A high-quality, experienced, domestic facility is key when looking for an ECM partner to handle your government PCBA. When you do your research, look for an ECM who has fulfilled government contracts, has the technology, equipment, and personnel to handle your needs, and one who prides themselves on their internal high-quality standards. Levison Enterprises has a long standing reputation for high quality, reliable builds. Our extensive experience in multiple industries-including defense, aerospace, and government projects-demonstrates our commitment to excellence. If you’re looking for a partner to build reliable, robust government devices, contact us for a quote today.

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