Key Factors in Outsourcing a Successful Military Cable Assembly to an Electronic Manufacturer

Along with PCBAs, cable assemblies form the very heart of your military electronic system project. They need to be rugged, flexible, light, and ready to stand up to the toughest environmental conditions. When outsourcing your military cable assembly projects to an electronic manufacturer, it is important to weigh the key factors that can affect the quality of military cable assemblies.

Military personnel working with electronic devices.

You may find that your specific design won’t need a proprietary design. There may be something already being produced that can fill your need and provide outstanding reliability. However, there may be times when there’s simply nothing that fits the bill, and you need to look at a custom-designed cable assembly to meet the unique needs of your device.

Benefits of Military-Grade Cable Assemblies

The success of any project designated for use by the military largely lies in the reliability of the internal structure. Cabling needs to be produced with a high degree of expertise and integrity with high-quality components. Military cords and cables must be built to withstand harsh environments and continue to function in high vibration operations. They must also be adaptable so they can be used for both high and low voltage applications.

More Than Design - Military

There are outlined specs that all manufacturers are expected to adhere to when producing printed circuit boards and assemblies that will be used in military applications. In addition, some cables may need to be customized for specific applications, such as marine and air usage. This could mean designing and manufacturing a cable that can stretch between airplanes or operate continuously under water. This will require a cable assembly manufacturer with sharp engineers that can go the extra mile to ensure a project’s success.

Choosing an Outsourcing Partner

Simply put, failure is not an option for military-grade cable assemblies. High altitude, extreme high and low temperatures, sand, and moisture are all challenges that cables need to stand up to. Depending on what you manufacture, military-grade cable assemblies are found in soldier-worn gear, avionics, military vehicles, and communication devices-just to name a few.

First and foremost, what do their pre-manufacture steps consist of? Can they take your design and tweak it for maximum performance and efficiency? If they don’t have a team of on-site engineers, you may not get the benefit of another set of highly-trained eyes taking a second look at what you’ve put down on paper.

Also, can they provide prototype solutions? Before the production line starts cranking out your assemblies, can your partner mock up your design to ensure it’s going to perform the way you expect it to? Will they make continuous improvements to ensure your assemblies are always on the cutting edge?

Do they have a supply chain that has been vetted and can deliver on-time? There’s a real danger in counterfeit parts making their way into your military cable assembly, which could spell trouble down the road.

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Finally, do they have the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver what they promise? Do they have a proven track record of delivering what they promise on time? It’s good to know this isn’t your partner’s first rodeo, and that they know what is expected of them.

The manufacturing equipment, the project team, and the capabilities the shop can provide all combine to make a successful product for your end user. A shop that doesn’t focus on the details can leave your design and assembly open to missteps.

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