Ensuring Compliance in Medical Device Manufacturing: Tips and Best Practices

September 29, 2023

The medical device industry is highly regulated. The safety and functionality of medical devices is critical to those who need to use them. The responsibility to ensure patient safety when using a medical device lies with the medical device manufacturer. However, as in many highly regulated industries, deciphering the requirements can be challenging. To ensure […]

Is SMT Right for Your Next Device?

August 4, 2023

Are you wondering if surface mount technology (SMT) is well-suited for your next device? The industry standard for printed circuit boards (PCBs) has been through-hole circuits for many years. This method is relatively simple to implement but becomes time-consuming on a mass scale. PCBs made by through-hole circuits involves drilling holes into the boards, mounting components […]

Your Electronic Device is Only as Good as Your ECM

July 13, 2023

Your product is only as good as your manufacturing partner. When OEMs outsource printed circuit boards (PCBs) or electronic box build assemblies, the main criteria when selecting an electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) has always boiled down to cost, quality, and delivery. However, with so many companies claiming to deliver these three key elements, it can […]

What Factors are Considered When Quoting PCBA?

July 11, 2023

PCB quotes are influenced by a number of factors. When you are first meeting with an ECM to outsource your PCBA, it may be confusing to decipher how the ECM arrived at a particular quote. With the right information about how the factors impact the cost of your project, you can plan and budget for […]

Documents Required for Turnkey Electronic Assembly

July 6, 2023

When you outsource your PCB assembly, providing the complete documentation is essential. Sharing all the design files gives the PCB team all the information necessary to complete the assembly efficiently and correctly. Sharing this documentation provides the electronic manufacturing team not only the information that will allow them to complete the project with the correct […]

Considerations for Electronic Enclosure Design

June 29, 2023

After you have an assembled PCB, you will need to finish the device with a box build, sometimes referred to as a systems integration. This combines the PCB, cables and wires, subassemblies, and the electronic enclosure. When the full box build is complete, your electronic assembly will be carefully protected and ready to function in […]

Choosing the Right Electronic Enclosure for Your Project

April 10, 2023

After your PCB assembly from your ECM partner, it is time to consider the electronic enclosure. This enclosure will protect your PCB from the elements so it can function properly. Wind, water, dust, debris, heat, cold, and humidity can all interfere with the proper workings of your PCB, so the reliability of your enclosure is […]

Packaging and Shipping Goes Beyond Product Protection for Electronic Manufacturers

April 6, 2023

Not every ECM partner will offer packaging and shipping services. When you find an ECM partner who does offer these services, it’s important to understand the additional value you are getting. Electronic manufacturers that offer packaging and shipping understand that they are ultimately maximizing design and functionality.

BOM Management is Key to Successful Electronic Manufacturing

March 31, 2023

The bill of materials (BOM) is essential in the design and production phase of electronic devices, starting with printed circuit boards (PCBs). A BOM is like a recipe listing all the items your manufacturing partner will need to build your product. Partnering with an electronic manufacturer with design support is extremely helpful and can make a […]

Save Time and Money on Your Next PCB and Electronic Manufacturing Project

March 29, 2023

Many OEMs consider partnering with an electronic manufacturer overseas to cut manufacturing costs. However, they may not realize it could cost more in the long run due to complications. There is a common misconception that you can save significant money by relying on foreign manufacturers for electronic contract manufacturing, but that’s not the case. Your […]