Levison Enterprises Partners with Brandt Electronics in Military Supply Innovation

When selecting a military electronic contract manufacturer for your electronic field devices, it’s important to find a partner who has a strong reputation for exceptional quality and reliability. Brandt Electronics has been a respected manufacturer of power supplies for the military, and recently partnered with Levison Enterprises to repair and upgrade all their existing field units. When it comes to a reliable partner for Brandt Electronics repair work, Levison Enterprises has the well-earned reputation for quality and credentials for success.

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What Does the Partnership with Levison Mean for Those Who Use Brandt Electronics Devices?

The sole source for all service, upgrades, repairs, and troubleshooting of units that are currently in the field will be Levison Enterprises. We will also be responsible for all Brandt Electronics builds moving forward. As partners, Levison has exclusive access to all the technical data, including testing protocols, drawings, and manufacturing specifications of Brandt Electronics devices. For service, upgrades, troubleshooting, contracting, repair, and manufacturing for Brandt Electronics devices, Levison Enterprises will be the primary point of contact. Levison Enterprises is committed to ensuring the highest performance for all military power supplies in the field. Levison and Brandt are both considered to be the pinnacle in designing and manufacturing cutting edge technology.

Engineering Partnership Wide

Why is Levison Enterprises the Right Partner for Brandt Electronics products?

Levison Enterprises has many of the key factors you look for in an electronic contract manufacturer. Levison has worked to build and maintain a reputation of all the right qualities for military grade repairs.

  • Certifications

Levison Enterprises has the right certifications to repair military electronics. Our certifications include AS9100, ISO9001, and ISO13485. Levison Enterprises is ITAR registered, CMMC class 2 compliant, with progress toward CMMC class 3 compliance. These certifications are essential for ensuring we are adhering to high-quality standards. CMMC compliance shows that we have robust cybersecurity measures in place, which is critical for sensitive military information.

  • Vetted Supply Chain

Military grade electronics are subject to a high degree of traceability and documentation, and this is made easier with an ECM who works with vetted suppliers. Our suppliers have rigorous security protocols in place to prevent any chance of counterfeit or compromised components. Levison performs regular audits of suppliers to ensure compliance with security and quality standards. Having a vetted supply chain allows our team to maintain thorough documentation throughout all repairs, tracing every component and process to ensure quality control and resolution of any issues.

  • In-House Engineering Team and a Dedicated Project Manager

Levison Enterprises is a turnkey facility, meaning that everything is handled in-house, including engineering. Levison has a team of skilled and experienced engineers with experience in military electronic design, development, repair, and testing. This team of in-house engineers ensures that all repairs and solutions can be customized to meet your specific requirements. A dedicated project manager will ensure effective communication and coordination and will provide visibility into all project timelines, milestones, issues, and resolution. Levison is there to offer long-term support for all necessary repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. Strategies are always in place to address component obsolescence and technology changes. When working with legacy products, looking for insights into an existing PCB design, or redesigning a component due to parts obsolescence, Levison excels in reverse engineering and retrofitting. Our communication is open throughout the entire process for full transparency with your team. As a domestic facility, we are able to quickly and safely handle all repair needs with a strong team of engineers and components that can easily be sourced from vetted suppliers.

  • Strong Reputation for Excellence in All Aspects of ECM

Levison Enterprises has an excellent reputation for high quality work and excellent responsiveness to the needs of our customers. With rapid prototyping, you gain access to multiple renderings of your design, enabling you to identify opportunities for improvement before a full production run. Levison provides quick turnaround to meet time-sensitive demands, streamlined designs, high-speed multi-layer boards, and has wide industry experience in all electronic contract manufacturing components.

Levison Enterprises is Prepared to Handle Any Repair Work for Brandt Electronics Products

In addition to servicing new builds, Levison is prepared to support all repair and service on existing Brandt products currently in the field. Our comprehensive capabilities and expertise will enhance the value you are receiving from Brandt Electronics products. We have the technical data from Brandt Electronics to allow our experts to repair any devices and get them mission ready. Levison Enterprises has built their reputation on prioritizing precision, security, and support for all the technology we work with. Testing and prototyping during the repair process ensure the high standard of quality assurance for the final deliverable.

You need a qualified, experienced, turnkey ECM who is able to work with government projects and prepared to handle the requirements of military based projects, and Levison Enterprises is the right choice for repairs of existing Brandt Electronics products that have already proven their worth in the field.

Levison Enterprises is excited about the partnership with Brandt Electronics to provide troubleshooting and repair assistance for all current devices in the field, as well as new power supplies and electronic devices in the future. With cutting-edge expertise and top-tier service, we are confident that Brandt Electronics products and customers are in good hands. Levison Enterprises is proud to serve the defense industry and is fully committed to delivering outstanding repairs, service, and support with your satisfaction as our highest priority. To learn more about our capabilities, contact Levison Enterprises today.