Prevent Delays in Medical Device Manufacturing with an Experienced ECM

December 5, 2022

The supply chain is the biggest and most obvious factor in manufacturing delays right now. Lengthy lead times for the specialized electronic components used in devices determine how quickly you can get your device to market. However, FDA approval for medical device components doesn’t help speed up the process either. The regulations on medical devices […]

A Proactive Approach to Electronic Component Lead Time Delays

December 1, 2022

To avoid the lead time delays caused by component shortages, you need a proactive approach that includes an ECM partner with vetted suppliers, vast experience in the industry, and one who can manage your project from design to delivery. Many industries rely on high-quality PCBs, and since they are in high demand, companies are overbuying […]

An ECM Partnership is Your Best Ally to Navigate Chip Shortages

May 31, 2022

Although many hoped that the chip shortage would be over by now, there are still no significant signs of improvement. Factory shutdowns and skyrocketing demands have made things even more difficult for manufacturers who need these chips for their products. However, this doesn’t mean that your industry is doomed and you are destined to let […]

Avoid Supply Chain Challenges by Reverse Engineering Legacy Designs

May 26, 2022

Reverse engineering has long been used to deal with parts obsolescence. When parts are no longer available, but the product still has use, reverse engineering can give the product a longer life by redesigning the product using new parts instead of starting a design from scratch to replace a product that is still useful. This […]

On-Site Engineers Invaluable During Current Supply Chain Concerns

May 6, 2022

All manufacturers want to satisfy their clients, but supply chain concerns are making on-time delivery a challenge. Every industry has been impacted by supply chain concerns, and electronic manufacturers with on-site engineers are the best way to work through supply chain issues. Having engineers on-site who know how to deal with parts obsolescence gives you […]

Looking to the Future of Supply Chain Shortages For Electronic Manufacturing

March 31, 2022

The demand for chips will not decrease, but the factories that produce the chips are looking to the future with a better plan in place. Building the right supply chain to manage the need for chips is the first step toward stability. Many companies are also working through their future plans to make their orders […]

Navigating the Current Situation

March 15, 2022

The chip shortage is not going away any time soon, and will certainly be an issue through the next 12 to 18 months. Right now, the backlog is significant enough that manufacturers need to anticipate approximately four to five times the lead time they were accustomed to up to this point. In addition, electronic manufacturers […]

How The Chip Shortage Began

March 1, 2022

Although it seems easy to blame the pandemic for the chip shortage, in reality, COVID-19 is really only one piece of the problem. Surging demand and poor planning were much bigger factors in the chip shortage, and the disruptions from lockdown made an already tenuous situation worse.  More and more products need chips for their […]