A Proactive Approach to Electronic Component Lead Time Delays

To avoid the lead time delays caused by component shortages, you need a proactive approach that includes an ECM partner with vetted suppliers, vast experience in the industry, and one who can manage your project from design to delivery. Many industries rely on high-quality PCBs, and since they are in high demand, companies are overbuying to stock their own shelves, and this is causing the market to struggle even more.

What Exactly is Causing the Long Lead Times?

When components are in short supply, distributors plead with buyers not to overbuy, but many buyers panic that they’ll be left without, and do the exact opposite. Beyond the simple supply and demand, there are a few extra factors at play as well. First, manufacturers are reluctant to build more factories or increase production because they don’t know if this demand will be sustained. Then, companies who can afford the investment are buying two to three times what they normally would, putting even more demand on a dwindling supply.

Ways to Deal With Long Lead Times:

  • Purchase Advance Stock in Anticipation of Shortages
  • Keep Communication Open

Ope you are struggling to keep up with component shortages and are frustrated with long lead times, you aren’t alone. Having an experienced, domestic turnkey ECM partner can help you navigate the current market, advise you on when to overbuy and when to wait, and give you a realistic forecast so you can plan ahead.