Four Characteristics of A Quality Electronics Manufacturer

Four Characteristics to Look for When Hiring a Quality Eectronics Manufacturing Service

The term Electronic Manufacturing Service took off in the early 1970s. Up until that point, most large-scale production was handled by in-house assembly. As manufacturing evolved, smaller electronic manufacturers sprang up to deliver low-cost assemblies by taking advantage of economies of scale. Manufacturing, material procurement and the pooling of design and customer support services made this an attractive alternative to costly in-house operations.

Now, there a range of electronic manufacturing service options to consider. When determining the best electronics manufacturing service provider for your next project, there are many factors you may consider, but there are four key qualities of top quality EMS providers: quality, certifications, project management capacity and design for manufacturing.

Quality That Meets Your Needs

In a world of ever-changing technology and high demand for quick production, it’s easy to see where quality might suffer. However, a good electronic manufacturing service will not have to sacrifice putting a reliable and quality product in your hands for the sake of speed and adaptability.

Quality may mean different things for different customers and for different products, too. For you, quality might mean products that are durable for a length of time. For others, quality is functionality in particular environments. A quality product that functions perfectly in dry, moderate temperature climates is great, except if that product really needs to function in a wet environment in extremely cool temperatures.

A good electronics manufacturing service will know what quality means to you and will build to meet your standards.

Certifications That Demonstrate Value

Certifications can be an indicator of quality, but it also signals an electronics manufacturing system with integrity. Certifications hold an electronic manufacturing service accountable for the quality of a product, where materials were sourced from, who can gain access to the designs and other information, and how a product is handled post-production. While your product may not require any specific certifications, it’s beneficial to you to work with an electronic manufacturing service that maintains them because your product will benefit from the standards set by their certifications regardless of your needs. For example, if your EMS adheres to certifications that limit who can access electronic information related to product design, your product’s design is protected, even if you don’t necessarily require it.

Further, an electronics manufacturing service that holds itself to the standards of multiple rigorous standards demonstrates its commitment to quality, safety, and ultimately, your satisfaction. Not every EMS believes in or works toward maintaining high-quality certifications. Those that do are more likely in the camp of those providers who want to hold themselves to higher standards because they want your product to be high quality, ethical, safe, and in line with your requirements.

Project Management Capacity That Benefits Your Project

Another important characteristic of quality electronics manufacturing services is capacity for in-house project management. You may want to hire an EMS for its ability to competently complete your design and production, but the greatest value in your electronics manufacturing service hire will be in one that adds project management to your project.

Once your project is being worked on outside your walls, the number of people and moving parts that you need to coordinate shoots up. With a project manager at your EMS, the coordination of all the teams and suppliers falls onto their desk, not yours.

The project manager doesn’t just make your life easier. With an expertise in designing, manufacturing, and distributing products like yours, their expertise also makes your project more cost-efficient and timely. The project manager knows where hiccups are likely to occur and where projects tend to get off track. They also are likely to know ways for you to save costs without sacrificing quality and where you can build efficiencies into your design. All of this translates into a better product done more quickly, and at a higher quality for you. All of this makes an EMS project manager a major advantage you want to look for in your provider.

Design for Manufacturing Versus Flare

A final characteristic you want to look for is an electronic manufacturing service that designs with manufacturing in mind. A good EMS understands that in order to reach your product’s goals, it has to get through manufacturing. Design that has lots of pretty bells and whistles but makes manufacturing difficult, risky, or cost-prohibitive does you no good. In fact, it makes your life more difficult. Good design will be simple and take your product to functionality as quickly as possible.

When vetting potential electronic manufacturing services, design for manufacturing should be an area you spend time discussing. Try not to get distracted by flashy options or shiny new techniques. Look instead for an EMS that understands that your product will need to move easily through manufacturing.

Levison Enterprises, The Best Electronics Manufacturing Service

Levison Enterprises is an electronics manufacturing service that focuses heavily on quality products and the satisfaction of our partners. We invest heavily in training and certifications that demonstrate our value in quality, safety, and your satisfaction.

Our team and project managers are highly-skilled and committed to designing, producing, and distributing products that meet your needs and even exceed them by drawing on our collective expertise. They are deeply aware of the need to design for manufacturing because they experience it every day. Because of our commitment to creating the best quality product for you, design for manufacturing is among our top priorities.

We would love to share more about how we can best serve you and your product as your electronics manufacturing service. Contact Levison Enterprises for more information.