Find the Right Medical Device Manufacturer for Your Project

March 21, 2023

Medical device companies understand the significance of selecting the right medical device manufacturer for their medical devices, as it helps them convert their ideas into working prototypes and finished products faster, saving both time and money.

Levison Enterprises Difference – Trusted Electronics Manufacturer

March 9, 2023

To truly excel at something requires you to immerse yourself in your work. Levison Enterprises has spent countless hours mastering electronic manufacturing design and production processes. Today’s consumers demand more than ever before and expect companies, even small and mid-sized, to turn products around quickly. A trusted ECM partner can help you achieve your goals […]

Resolving Medical Device Manufacturing Challenges with a Trusted ECM

February 21, 2023

There are several challenges facing the medical device manufacturing industry. Partnering with a trusted, experienced, and qualified ECM can help you avoid some of these common challenges, and can help you resolve those you are already facing. With the right ECM, medical device manufacturing can be far less stressful to manage.

9 Things to Consider When Choosing an Electronic Enclosure Manufacturer

January 16, 2023

The printed circuit board (PCB) is one of the most significant features of an electronic assembly. The PCB provides mechanical support and connectivity for electronic devices. PCBs come in many different configurations and materials, depending on the application. Some examples are rigid boards, rigid-flex boards, flexible circuits, aluminum core, and Teflon. The PCB type and […]

Prevent Delays in Medical Device Manufacturing with an Experienced ECM

December 9, 2022

Delays in medical device manufacturing are incredibly frustrating. You know you have a great design that can help people, you know the medical industry needs it, but your manufacturing has slowed to a halt due to delays in the supply chain that you can’t control. Is there a way to prevent these delays?

Mitigate Obsolescence with Medical Device Manufacturing Lifecycle Management

October 28, 2022

Obsolescence in medical devices is a major challenge in medical device manufacturing, and it has been for some time. How it will impact the production of your next medical device depends on a proactive approach. By taking steps to mitigate parts obsolescence before it causes a delay in manufacturing, you’ll increase the likelihood that your […]

Press Release: Levison Enterprises is Now ISO 13485 Certified by NSF-ISR for Medical Device Manufacturing

October 21, 2022

 By NSF-ISR Date: Monday October 24, 2022 Steve Bishop, Sales Director Levison Enterprises 4470 Moline Martin Road Millbury, Ohio 43447 Phone: 419.838.7365 Fax: 419.491.7123 [email protected] For Immediate Release: Levison Enterprises Expands Capabilities With ISO 13485 Certification by NSF-ISR As a medical device manufacturer, Levison Enterprises is committed to delivering outstanding, cost-effective solutions to our […]

Levison Enterprises Receives ISO 13485 Certification for Medical Device Manufacturing by NSF-ISR

October 17, 2022

As a medical device manufacturer, Levison Enterprises is committed to delivering outstanding, cost-effective solutions to our customers. We are proud to announce that we are now ISO 13485 certified by NSF-ISR. by NSF-ISR

PCB Traceability Requirements for Medical Device Manufacturing

September 14, 2022

Traceability, simply put, is the ability to account for everything throughout the build. In medical device manufacturing, traceability is critical. Everything in a medical device needs to have the ability to be traced back to the source. This is a significant task, since there are many components that go into the manufacturing of a PCB […]

The Role of Printed Circuit Boards in Medical Technology

September 9, 2022

The electronic age is broadening its scope into all sectors of medicine and healthcare. Almost every process that is a part of modern medicine is touched by electronic evolution. Improving, updating, and bringing medicine and healthcare into the future is happening now.