6 Reasons to Consider a Box Build

6 Reasons to Consider a Box Build

A box build isn’t the only way to complete your project, but for quality, high-efficiency projects, a box build is a process worth considering. Here are 6 reasons you may want to consider a box build for your next project.

What Is A Box Build?

A box build, or “complete assembly” entails all your project’s boards, wires, din rail and back plane assembly, and everything else, combining to make your final piece. The box build is an electromechanical assembly process that includes everything from system and product assembly to configuration and testing to warehousing and shipping.

The end product is called a box build or a cabinet assembly. It could look like a tiny enclosure connected to a user display or a complicated electromechanical system, complete with moving parts and sub-assemblies.

1. Box Builds Save Money Over Segmented Builds

Segmented builds naturally come with a higher degree of risk. Miscommunication and lagging timelines plague the segmented build system. But, even when risks are factored in, sometimes the siren song of cost savings still calls. No one is in business to throw more money at a project than necessary, so of course, cost is going to weigh heavily into your decision.

But before you finalize the decision to segment, consider the real costs of a piecemeal build for your project. Weigh the potential costs of mistakes that will need to be traced back through multiple vendors. Consider the process you will need to undergo should there be last minute changes. And don’t forget to factor in expedited shipping costs if these holdups end up dragging down your timeline.

All of these factors can be nearly eliminated in a box build system.

2. A Box Build Gives You a Stronger Design

Beyond mitigating risks, the use of a box build also provides you with a stronger design.

At all phases of your project, the box build has an advantage over a segmented plan because of the ability to see the entire project. In a segmented model, each electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) only knows its piece of the puzzle. What will happen if the design is flawed? Who will take ownership, and more importantly, who will track down the mistake and get it fixed?

Alternatively, your ECM will know all your parts and how they work together. The all-in-one sees your entire project and can detect potential efficiencies or advantages as you finalize your design. With expert engineers on staff to look over the design, you get a second opinion on all your products, giving them better performance and efficiency.

3. The Project Manager Leads the Way

After pouring countless hours and energy into your project, you want to be sure that it is assembled with the same level of care you used to dream and design it. You and your project want and deserve that level of commitment to your project. You can count on it with a quality box build.

A box-build project will have a dedicated project manager overseeing the entire build. They will know the ins and outs of your project from design to final assembly and shipping. The dedicated project manager ensures the integrity of your project from sub-assemblies all the way through getting it to the consumer.

4. Packaging & Shipping With Ease

Packaging and shipping are the steps that always need support from a sub-contractor. However, with a box build, your ECM partner will be able to relieve this headache for you.

You are making a substantial investment in your build and packaging and shipping is not the time to skimp on costs. You want to protect that investment the best way you can. This is where your ECM becomes a huge time saver for you as they can keep your shipping costs down and ship directly to where your project needs to go.

5. Repairs Are Easier and Less Costly

When you’re focused on finding the right solution to design and assemble your box build, it’s hard to also think about what happens when this major investment eventually has a problem. Unfortunately, even the best quality projects don’t last forever. However, in the instance that your project needs support or repairs, your box build ECM is still your best solution.

The ECM knows your build. They helped you design it. They oversaw the manufacturing of each part and made sure it was assembled to your exact needs. No other place will be better equipped to identify technical issues when they arise.

As much as your ECM was uniquely positioned to give you the best possible design, assembly, and shipping service, it’s also ideal for troubleshooting your product design and manufacturing issues.

6. Quality Certifications Keep Your Project Safe and Secure

Quality certifications are important to your ECM, and they should be to you too, even if your box build project doesn’t require it.

The level and type of certifications your ECM maintains speak to how dedicated your ECM is. It’s easy for an ECM to say they are committed to quality. Demonstrating that commitment through high-standard certifications is another level of commitment. Quality certifications require continuous audits and training to maintain. They call for a highly qualified staff that is dedicated to your project. Regardless of your project’s specific certification requirements, you should require this level of integrity for your project.

So as you consider quotes and options for your next electromechanical investment, take a closer look at a box build. A box build gives you and your project the best technical and knowledgeable assembly options, with the support of a committed and professional team.

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