Seagate Security Solutions Case Study

Seagate Mobile Security Solutions Alarm Levison Enterprises

Seagate Mobile Security Solutions prides itself on keeping job sites secure for its customers. The company aims to save clients money while protecting valuable tools and materials on their construction sites.

That is why Seagate teamed up with Levison Enterprises, along with some of the country’s largest construction companies to customize mobile trailer security solutions to the industry’s specific security needs. Here is how Seagate, with Levison Enterprises’ support in electronic assembly and design, is becoming a leading innovator in construction site security solutions.

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Experts estimate that the total value of stolen equipment, tools and materials costs construction companies up to a billion dollars each year. The founder of Seagate Alarm & Signal, Jim Adams, witnessed this first hand during his time working with a large Toledo, Ohio based bridge and highway construction company. He saw some of the limitations in construction site security such as limited power sources and no available phone or data lines. Of course, all of this is typically required to run a standard conventional alarm.

So, how could you make construction sites more secure and prevent theft without a conventional power source?


The dire need for a self-powered and remote contraction security system inspired Jim Adams. It inspired him to design a 1st generation alarm system utilizing solar power and a cellular transmission to send signals to a central security monitoring station. Over time, that initial design evolved. Seagate Mobile Security Solutions became even more proactive in the fight against construction site thefts and providing solutions. A partnership with Levison Enterprises has been quite valuable in engineering and design support for the alarm system. Together, Seagate and Levison Enterprises provides product development, electronic design and electronic manufacturing services and support. Together they have developed the Gen 5 Alarm System, the advanced construction site security solution designed specifically for mobile tool and office trailers and storage units.

Seagate Alarm 3The Gen 5 is a self-contained system that operates on batteries and is charged by solar power. The system is installed on location. It is completely tamperproof and is in constant communication with a central station. Once the system has been tripped it takes less than one second to send the signal making it impossible to disable. Its features include:

  • No Dedicated Power Source Needed
  • No On-Site Phone Line Required
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Easy Arming and Disarming
  • Fleet Management
  • Simple Installation
  • Made in the USA


Customers report Seagate’s Mobile Security System is extremely successful at protecting equipment, tools, and materials on construction sites. As a result, clients are enjoying drastically reduced losses and project downtime. The GPS tracking also saves adds efficiency as office staff are no longer needed to manually keep track of equipment and construction trailers as they move between job sites.

Seagate’s partnership with Levison Enterprises has helped them evolve and stay on top of the industry demands. By providing robust engineering support and design, Levison Enterprises was able to work together with Seagate to help meet the demands of their customers and their challenges in the field. If you’re looking for engineering and design assistance for an electronics project, contact Levison Enterprises and find out more about our engineering and design services.