How to Turn Your Idea into Reality

How to Turn Your Idea into Reality

You’ve got this great big idea. You can’t believe no one else has thought of it before. You’re going to sell millions! But one small problem.

You need to create it first.

Sooo… you’ll need drawings! You don’t have any drawings. How do you make drawings?

Okay, maybe there’s another way to get started.

Oh! A prototype! Anyone have a 3D printer? No? Rats.

How do you get started? How do you get that great big idea into physical details that you can launch into production and sell millions?

First, call Levison Enterprises. We’ll walk with you through the whole thing.

Here’s How You Start

First, we invite you to a meeting. We can step in at any part of the process. If possible, you’ll come to our location so we can meet face-to-face. During this meeting, we gather as much information as possible.

You may not have all the details down yet, and that’s okay. We’re going to help you work through them all so that we get all of the design and development questions answered early.

We work with you from big picture concept to specifics to have as much information as possible before we start the next phase of design work. 

Second, Levison Enterprises gets to work drawing up your assembly. This will identify, in detail, all your expectations and specifications.

We’ll meet with you again to go over the drawings and ask for your thoughts and impressions. Ideally, our initial discussions will have produced enough detail to help us get very close to what you had in mind. But if not, this is when we make sure we’re all thinking the same about the project. We’ll work on the details until it meets your needs and wants

Once you approve the drawings, Levison Enterprises sits down as a team to assign individual tasks. We look at who is best suited for your work and we look at your timeline. We keep in close contact with you so you will always know where the individual steps of your project stand.

Next, we produce a functional working prototype. The prototype will be able to demonstrate all, or at least most, of the capabilities planned in your project. It might not look exactly how you planned, but the goal at this phase is to really refine your design to your exact specifications and needs. This is all about function so at this point we look past the form.

We promise it will look much better the closer we get to a finished product.

It works!

Okay, so maybe it just “works” at this point, but we are getting very close.

Now we are getting into smaller design tasks, product testing, and certification.

It’s easy to get excited when your big idea is finally taking shape (even if it’s ugly). But now we are getting into the more challenging stuff that we want to be sure and get right.

Perfecting your small design pieces, doing thorough testing and assuring high-quality certification is the stuff that’s going to make your product great. And that is how a product that sells millions goes into production.

For Example

Let’s say your idea includes a user interface.

Whether it has a push button or a touch screen, this is a critical element. If it’s confusing or too difficult to use, the user interface may as well not work at all.


If it’s not easy to use, people won’t want to use it. It won’t matter how good your product is if a person can’t or won’t use it.

And if a person can’t or won’t use it, there’s no way this thing is selling millions.

Almost Done

At this stage, we’re going to move from that original prototype’s clunky appearance and focus on your product’s packaging, interface, and circuitry.

Maybe we’ll 3D model the button placement to be absolutely sure it’s clear and easy for the user.

We’re going to finalize work on the power supply, the interfacing, the products software, and firmware. Once the mechanical design is perfected and functioning, we turn our attention to aesthetics and the user experience.

Industrial design engineers will work with you at this point to make sure the product look, feels and performs the way your customer will want.

One Last Important Step

We’re so close to production at this point. Your idea works! It looks great! People are going to love it!

But we’ve got one very important last step to take before we send your idea to production.

Before it leaves, your product will go through thorough compliance and safety testing. Nearly all consumer products must comply with CE or UL standards.

We may need to make a few changes or adjustments to meet standards, but thanks to the thorough planning and design phase, they should be minimal.

On to Production!

Once all testing and compliance are cleared, your product is ready to head to production. And you are on your way to selling millions!

When you are happy, we are happy. Contact Levison Enterprises to turn your big idea into a happy success.