How the Right EMS Partner Can Save You Money

Outsourcing is the right idea for many companies, especially when it comes to saving money. The right EMS partner can help your company throughout the lifecycle of your products and provide a distinct advantage when it comes to technology and engineering support.

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OEMs Can Meet and Exceed Growth ExpectationsBox Build Square

Since experienced EMS partners are capable of meeting demand spikes and effectively managing inventories, they can assist your company in exceeding your growth expectations. Having a partner to outsource to will give your company the financial flexibility in manufacturing and will let your company grow.

The Right EMS Partners Can Facilitate Strategic Supply Chain Management

A good EMS partner will have a vetted supply chain. You will get top quality materials at the best price, and your EMS provider will have sourcing agreements for components. This will ensure that what you need is available and your production can be steady through the ups and downs of demand. Your components will be industry compliant and you can be assured that you won’t be fooled by counterfeit components.

EMS Partners Have the Equipment and Strategies that Cut Time and Costs

With the right EMS partners, you may be able to cut as much as a third of your production costs. A good EMS partner will have the right infrastructure in place, saving your company money in technology, equipment, and facilities. When you don’t need to invest in getting the infrastructure in place, you are sure to save money. The right EMS partner will have the latest technology which will help your products remain highly competitive.

More Than Design

The right EMS partner will have the flexibility in terms of scale, and can move from prototyping, to limited runs, to full production without a significant increase in cost. Testing and engineering in-house will also save you money. If your product is tested throughout the process, any errors can be detected early and ultimately reduced. If your product has been tested through the process, it is guaranteed to function well in real-world applications. An on-site engineer can also respond to and correct any potential issues immediately, saving you time and money.

An EMS Partner can Forecast Need

Your EMS partner will be able to forecast component needs based on demand. They have the industry knowledge and relationships with suppliers to make sure you are not caught unaware by obsolescence. Your EMS partner may also know to hold stock of any longer lead-time components to cut down on the production time. Without an EMS partner, any errors in forecasting will lead to much higher pricing for components you need for your product.

EMS Partners Have Expertise

When your partner has the right expertise, they will have the experience in working with the components you need and can leverage that experience in the developmental stages that will make your product exactly what you need it to be in the end. Their experience and know-how becomes an extension of your own team.

Whether you are looking to save money or improve quality, partnering with an EMS is the right move for growth and success. Levison Enterprises has the experience, technology, and infrastructure to make your company an industry leader. Contact us to discuss your next build.

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