Benefits of Partnering with an EMS Provider

Outsourcing to an EMS provider may be one of the best decisions your company may make. There are many benefits to partnering with an EMS provider. Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) consist of companies that manufacture, test, distribute, and repair electronic components and assemblies for OEMs. Outsourcing is very popular today, and, when looking at all the benefits, it’s easy to see why.

Assembly of a complicated printed circuit board.

An EMS Providers Adds Industry Experience and KnowledgeCase Study CTA Side Bar

Your EMS provider should be well-established in the industry and take pride in their industry expertise. The employees your EMS provider hires should have the same pride in their industry knowledge and the work they do.

Efficient Timelines

Delays in delivery can damage your reputation and even cost you current and future business. Outsourcing to an EMS provider ensures that your orders will be delivered when you need them, removing the risk of any delays.

Certified and Compliant

There are rigorous guidelines in the electronic industry and outsourcing to an EMS provider means that you are sharing the responsibility with a company who understands and is compliant with the standards. EMS providers are often diligent about obtaining and maintaining all the certifications necessary to ensure that every product they provide has been tested and follow the current standards.

State of the Art Equipment and Technology

An EMS partner can offer state of the art equipment and technology to ensure that your products are highly competitive. Using the most up-to-date equipment and technology demonstrates a commitment to staying relevant in the industry.

Skilled Workforce with In-House Engineering

In-house engineering is key for both optimization of design and troubleshooting. Having a dedicated engineer means that your product is getting the expert attention that will result in high-quality end products. A skilled and dedicated workforce means that your work will be done by those who specialize in and understand the technical specifications of exactly what you need.

More Than Design

Design Support

The EMS provider you partner with will have the ability to assist during the design process. This includes designing for manufacturability, procurement, and testability. This will ensure that your product is cost-effective, robust, and meets industry standards, and that your plans are effective and efficient.

Vetted Suppliers with Supply Chain Management Processes in Place

The EMS provider you partner with should have sourcing agreements for commodities and components from suppliers that meet your needs easily. These partners will work with their supply chain management processes to maintain steady production through the variation in customer demand. They will be able to reply to spikes without long lead times, and also provide small runs when demand is lower.

Fulfillment Service-Packaging and Shipping Direct

Finding an EMS provider who offers fulfillment services, including shipping direct to the distributor, will save time and money. Many EMS providers offer services that include troubleshooting any faulty products and making the necessary repairs before returning them from their depot.

While these are the main benefits of partnering with an EMS provider, there are many more. Outsourcing to a quality EMS service provider may be one of the best decisions you can make as a company, and we can help. Contact Levison Enterprises to learn more about our turnkey services. We have the knowledge and experience to become the perfect partner on your next build.

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