The Highest Level of Trust for Your Electronic Assembly


Imagine you are traveling across the Atlantic by plane. You are standing on a tarmac, bags by your side, when two different aircraft roll up. You are offered a choice of either plane to take you to your transatlantic destination. The first aircraft is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, the other has no certification.

Or, how about another, less death-defying scenario. Your child’s toy contains a small electronic assembly that repeats the child’s name and giggles when prompted. Would you prefer the device have some level of regulated quality, or none?

Your answer may understandably change depending on the toy’s volume, but the point remains.

Regulation Means Oversight

Generally speaking, as consumers, we look to regulation to help ensure safety and quality for the products and services we consume, knowingly and unknowingly. Many of these standards are defined by agencies of the United States government, as a means to passing along high-level standards for all who may directly or indirectly come into contact with regulated products or services.

As such, the manufacturers of these products, and their components are held to the highest possible standards. These not only keep up with consumer demands, but with the more technical requirements determined by government and industry experts.

Finding An Opportunity

While some in the electronics manufacturing industry may frown on government regulations, we do not see these protocols as a negative. In fact, we see these standards as opportunities to demonstrate the process, environment and product quality we know to be a part of Levison Enterprises’ own standards.

Levison Enterprises has been involved as the Prime (lead) contractor or sub-contractor on dozens of government contracts. From small prototype printed circuit board assemblies to radar control cabinets and 100 foot cable assemblies to sub-assemblies for air traffic control towers. We’ve been a reliable source for the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense and the NAVY among others.

A Trusted Partner

The certifications and standards held by Levison Enterprises allow us to work with government entities in the manufacture of electronic assemblies.

The requirements placed upon these components are astronomically above the needs of the average assembly. But we believe in quality, regardless of the requirement. Every build gets the same level of quality as the government-regulated builds. That’s just how we think electronic contract manufacturing should be done.

We always do A+ work. You won’t ever get a C+ version from Levison Enterprises. Our quality certifications and ongoing training support work that requires these and adds a quality advantage to those that do not. We conduct independent audits on all our work because we believe products manufactured under our name should bear the highest possible quality, from manufacturing environment to the end user experience.

If your interested in learning more about our certifications and or how we approach our project management, reach out to the Levison Enterprises team today and find out how we can work together to create the very best electronic products.