Partnering With a Domestic Turnkey Medical Device Manufacturer Accelerates PCB Spin Time

The time that it takes for your design to go through the manufacturing process is referred to as your turnaround time. Spin time is the time it takes for your PCB to move through the prototyping phase, and it is one of the most important factors in determining the overall turnaround time of your project. Optimizing your medical device’s spin time is crucial to a successful overall product. The best way to accelerate your medical device spin time is by partnering with an ISO 13485 certified, qualified, domestic, turnkey medical device manufacturer.Medical device manufacturing for diabetes glucose level monitoring.

Why is Spin Time Important for Medical Devices?

Prototyping is an important stage for medical devices. The design will be fine-turned in the prototyping phase of the project, and in doing so you will ensure the PCB is functioning correctly and efficiently. Prototyping can be a time-consuming step in any build, but can actually save time and money in the long run.

Through prototyping, you can identify errors in the design early. If you partner with an ECM who has engineers on-site, they can help you redesign in the prototype phase quickly instead of finding errors later in the process, which can be costly and delay your timeline.

8 Key Things Medical Manufacturer

Once the prototyping phase is complete, the testing and validation phase begins. In prototyping, several board spins’ are required. The spins are actually board fabrications. Every spin will help the board reach optimal quality, but fewer spins means less development time, which will reduce costs and get your device to market more quickly. The medical device field is rapidly advancing. A quick spin time is important and will aid in getting your product to market faster. This will not only increase the ROI for your project but will build client confidence and trust as well.

How Can You Reduce Your Medical Device Spin Time?

You can reduce your medical device spin time by improving the board build process. This includes optimizing the component selection, utilizing a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) analysis, designing the product for board simplicity, choosing an ECM with vetted suppliers who have the necessary components available, and ensuring that your ECM can handle the entire prototyping process in-house with on-site engineers. When you look for an ECM partner, find one who understands the importance of reducing spin time for medical devices and has the expertise, experience, and capabilities to move your board through this phase of the process.

Look for an ECM Who Has What You Need

Focusing on an ECM partner who can provide a turnkey service is the best choice for your medical device PCB manufacturing. A domestic, turnkey facility will most effectively optimize the spin time for your medical device PCB. Turnkey facilities can take your project through the entire process of design and prototyping, as well as testing, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and delivery. When deciding on an ECM to partner with, consider ones that have:

  • Design services available
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) strategies
  • Engineering Team On-Site
  • Prototyping Capabilities
  • Broad Industry Experience
  • Established Counterfeit Parts Mitigation Processes
  • A PFEMA (Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) Tool
  • ISO 13485 and other certifications

Reducing your PCB spin time for your medical device is often as easy as choosing the right ECM partner. A domestic, turnkey facility with on-site engineers will be a valuable resource and aid in your project’s success. Levison Enterprises has the knowledge, credentials, and experience to help you develop a reliable medical device. Our talented team uses proven processes in our state-of-the-art facility and we have the capabilities to handle your project from design to delivery. By improving your spin time, you can get your product to market sooner, and we all know time is money. If you’re looking for an ECM to partner with for your next great medical device, contact us today for a quote.

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