Considerations for Your Next Electronic Contract Manufacturing Partner

Five Considerations for Your Next Electronic Contract Manufacturing Partner Levison Enterprises

Searching for a new electronic manufacturing partner can be a lot like the dating game.

Companies will wine and dine you, make you feel like you’ve found a match, but then disappear when a problem arises. You need to make sure you find the right “match” for your company.

Electronic contract manufacturers provide several important benefits to your business operation.

They can help you optimize your product and processes, cut your costs, and provide important quality assurances through every step of production.

But not all electronic contract manufacturers are the same.

Choosing the right partner can be the difference between increased profit margins or lost time and money.

Keep an eye out for these five important qualities in your next electronics manufacturing partner:




When talking to electronic contract manufacturers, you may hear a lot about how they’re more worthy than the competition.

Capabilities, however, are larger than words.

Do your research and see how your chosen vendor’s equipment and processes align with your business goals. If they lack up-to-date equipment or technical know-how, there’s a greater chance that your projects will fall short or will take longer than anticipated.

A quality electronic contract manufacturer will provide solutions to ensure that your project comes in on time and within your budget.

Robust Quality Assurance Measures

ISO certification shows you that they do their due diligence in sourcing, testing, and assuring quality throughout every stage.

Their processes are also documented, which can insulate you from liability should an issue ever arise. Look for an ISO certified contractor that has its own robust processes for production, testing, inspection, and even shipping and distribution.

In-House Engineering and Design

Look for an electronic contract manufacturing company that employs an in-house design and engineering team with years of experience in the industry. These teams serve a valuable purpose, as they help your company identify any potential issues with your product and make suggestions that can make your production process run more smoothly.

With superior attention to detail, an in-house team can consider every aspect of your product’s design and recommend test strategies that aid quality assurance. These teams help your product through its entire lifecycle, not just the initial stages.

Customer Communication

Efficient communication with your electronic contract manufacturer is paramount. This helps avoid any delays in production and delivery. It’s essential to have a transparent relationship with your manufacturing partner.

Levison Enterprises keeps all clients in the loop and responds to inquiries with speed and efficiency. We make sure our clients understand every phase of our production process and invite them to our facilities to see for themselves our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

Timely Delivery

Obviously, most of these elements come together to affect the timely delivery of your product to consumers. At Levison Enterprises, we work with you to ensure your processes are efficient and your product is the best it can be. We also integrate shipping and fulfillment into our services, so you won’t have to worry about hiring other vendors.

These qualities work together to create the timely delivery of your products.

The right electronic contract manufacturing partner can make all the difference in your product’s quality, cost, and delivery.

When you choose Levison Enterprises as your partner, we streamline the process and make it easier to innovate and create. We employ robust quality assurance mechanisms at every level and work to make your product the best it can be.

We make switching to a new electronics manufacturing service easy and will handle all the legwork and communication while keeping you informed every step of the way. Transparency, quality, and an in-house team of designers and engineers – that’s the Levison difference. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next project assembly.