Don’t Be Scared to Hire an Electronics Manufacturer

Why Project Managers Shouldn't Be Scared to Hire an Electronics Manufacturer

It’s that time of year when there just might be a clown or a fright around every corner. But don’t let that stop you from hiring a quality electronic contract manufacturer.

There are many reasons a project manager might consider hiring an electronic manufacturer but often some fears get in the way. We understand it can be a challenge to hand your project to an electronic manufacturer, so we want to take the fright out of the picture.

Use of Time

If you’re considering an electronics manufacturer for your project, chances are you’re ready to hand off some of the tasks on your list. But with that potential relief comes the risks of not doing it all yourself.

Rest assured that with a quality electronic manufacturer on your team, your project will get done well and on time and you’ll be freed up to work on the important things for your project. There will be pieces that only you can complete and with a team of experts doing your design and manufacturing, you can focus on those and come out with an altogether project.

Supplier Network

You know how hard it is getting to know and manage the sources of all your parts and supplies. Talk about scary – the counterfeit market puts you and all your products at risk and it’s a fulltime job just sourcing known parts.

Here again, a quality electronic contract manufacturer will take the lead, and the headache. When your project is in the electronic manufacturers hands, you automatically gain access to their vetted supplier network that is cultivated over the course of many projects in addition to yours. You get a stronger supplier network and do less work. What a win!

8 Key Things Sidebar CTALead Times

Along with those more reliable parts is a more reliable lead time process. Not only does working with an electronic manufacturer take the fright out of parts procurement, but it also puts you in better standing for lead time.

With lead times expanding and the parts market scrambling, your best bet for stabilizing your project’s lead time is to work with an electronic manufacturer and its network of vetted suppliers.

Turnkey Production

If it feels scary contracting your project with an electronic manufacturer versus doing it in-house, consider how nice it would be to place your project with a manufacturing partner that already has turnkey production in place. What should feel scary is the potential for errors and delays when rebuilding or reconfiguring your shop to create a new product.

With a quality electronic manufacturer on your team, your projects will move right into a manufacturing system that’s already been tested, tuned, and oiled to perfection. Don’t waste your time and resources rebuilding a space and process that is second nature for a quality manufacturing partner.

Design for Manufacturing

Some of the other common fears about using an electronic contract manufacturer can be justified by thinking “well, technically we can do this ourselves…” In the case of design for manufacturing, that’s just not the case. Without the volume of manufacturing that an electronic manufacturer is doing day in and day out, you cannot really design the most efficient and cost-effective plans. Only a manufacturer that sees the close connection between design and manufacturing can really do this best.

DMF can seem like a luxury but when the extra care is put into the design of your product, it’s all treats and zero tricks for you. DMF decreases errors, re-manufacturing, timelines, and costs. Talk about frights! Those are the things you really want to avoid! Do yourself a favor and work your design with a skilled electronic contract manufacturer.

Quality Certifications

Regardless of your quality needs, this is a factor that every project must consider. Some products require very low reliability and others demand exceptional reliability, but all electronics projects need to meet some basic standards.

This is, again, where your electronic contract manufacturer can take some of the guesswork and the scares out of your project. Good electronics manufacturers will maintain a range of quality certifications to be able to design and manufacture a range of products. They know what your project needs minimally and what it would get ideally, and they know how to help you decide what’s best for your project.


High-quality electronic manufacturer’s will pass on the highest quality standards they maintain to all its projects, regardless of need. When you’ve got an electronic manufacturing partner with that level of integrity, nearly all your fears of working with an electronic manufacturer should go out the window. That partner has your back!

Levison Enterprises – We Eat Frights for Breakfast

At Levison Enterprises, we understand that choosing to work with an electronic contract manufacturer may be scary. But as your electronic manufacturer, we will eat those fears for breakfast.

We always want what is best for our partners and, more often than not, that means using your time wisely and letting us help you get to your desired results. We want you to leverage your time and get a quality product using our vetted suppliers, turnkey production processes, and lead time experience. We want to share our design for manufacturing expertise with you, so you get the most efficient and cost-effective product that meets all your quality standards and then some. We want this not because it puts some feather in our cap, but because it’s what we believe is best for our partners.

If you’ve still got some hesitation about working with an electronic contract manufacturer for your next project, contact Levison Enterprises. We’ll talk through all those fears and share all the ways we can eliminate them and make your project leaner and even better than if you kept it in-house.