Why Choosing Onshore PCBA Electronic Manufacturer is the Best Option Right Now

When you have a bottom line and a budget for your electronic manufacturer partnership, outsourcing your PCBA overseas used to be a tempting solution. Costs were lower, delivery times were longer but acceptable, and parts were readily available. In the current climate, however, outsourcing overseas is not a smart option. Choosing an onshore electronic manufacturer for your PCBA is the best option for a successful project.

Close up of blue mounted PCB board with digital display.

Issues With Moving PCBA Overseas

The benefits of moving PCBA overseas was always found in the financial savings. For some, the savings outweighed the disadvantages of longer lead times, higher risk of counterfeit components, and potential errors due to miscommunication. In the current climate, the financial savings are no longer as advantageous, and outsourcing PCBA offshore can now have lead times that are prohibitively long. With component shortages, the risk of counterfeit parts is exponentially higher when the manufacturing is moved overseas. The benefits can no longer outweigh the risks.

Advantages of Domestic PCBA

Choosing a domestic ECM for your PCBA has always had a multitude of advantages, but in the current climate, those advantages are even more pronounced. Some advantages include:

  • Clear Communication

Errors in communication are much less likely when PCBA is handled domestically. Language barriers are not an issue, and staying within a few time zones of the product’s destination means that scheduling calls will not be an issue. A turnkey facility, where everything is handled under one roof, cuts down substantially on the risk of errors.

  • Ease of Troubleshooting

Choosing a domestic ECM means that any potential problems can be addressed early in production. When troubleshooting is needed, a domestic partner with on-site engineers can address any problems early in production and make the necessary changes before it becomes a costly mistake. An ECM who offers small runs and prototyping services can help identify any potential issues before the full-scale run is started, and most of the time if issues are detected early, your timeline won’t feel a thing.

  • Security

Your intellectual property is safer when PCBA remains onshore. You will not have the risk of theft of your secure data. In addition, keeping your PCBA domestic means you will have an ECM with a network of vetted suppliers. A trusted supply chain is critical for avoiding counterfeit components, which can cause product failure and are particularly worrisome in highly regulated industries. By choosing an ECM with a vetted supply chain, counterfeit components are not a concern.

  • Avoid Shipping Hassles and Delays

With shipping costs and shipping timelines being what they are, staying domestic is the smart choice. By choosing a domestic ECM, you will enjoy substantially lower delivery costs and much shorter, accurate timelines.

  • Quality Assurance

Consumer confidence in domestic products will always far outweigh overseas products. The skilled workforce, advanced technology, and reliable manufacturing make domestic products highly regarded. Communicating with your ECM throughout the process can help ensure that the quality of your completed PCB will be excellent, and domestic ECMs can be trusted to deliver high quality products every time.

For a small potential savings, the risks of moving your PCBA offshore are simply not the best choice right now. Choosing a domestic ECM partner has a long list of advantages. With decades of multiple industry experience, Levison Enterprises is a trusted domestic, turnkey ECM partner who has built a reputation on high quality printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly. For a quote on your next project, contact Levison Enterprises today.