Why Choose a Domestic Electronic Manufacturing Partner for Your Medical Device Needs

When you are looking for an electronic contract manufacturing partner for your medical device manufacturing needs, you have many options. Some medical device designers choose to look overseas for their manufacturing partner, but in the medical device industry, this is rarely a good idea. While an overseas ECM may attempt to woo you with lower costs, you may find that you ultimately pay a higher price. A domestic ECM will save you time, money, and headaches by providing the highest-quality manufacturing that meets all regulatory requirements and protects your intellectual property.

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Quality Control in Domestic Electronic Manufacturing for Medical Devices

Medical devices are highly regulated and demand top quality, and for good reason. You can’t take a risk to cut costs when manufacturing medical devices. Domestic ECMs are committed to quality. An ECM with a team of engineers on-site will be dedicated to tracking your project from start to finish to continually monitor the quality. Having the process control and documentation throughout the entire process will ensure that you are meeting all the regulatory requirements for medical device manufacturing. From beginning to end, you will know that a domestic ECM is committed to manufacturing a medical device that will meet or exceed the industry standards. An ECM with in-house engineers can inspect, test, and find errors early, which will save you both time and money. Having engineers on on-site will optimize the process from beginning to end. Using an overseas ECM may necessitate spending your own resources on quality assurance after delivery, which will cost more, and if errors are detected, can substantially increase your timeline.

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Benefits of Choosing a Domestic Electronic Manufacturing Partner

Quality and meeting the regulatory requirements are top priority when choosing the right electronic contract manufacturing partner for your medical device, but there are other benefits as well. With a domestic turnkey ECM you will also benefit from,

  • Faster Time to Market – a domestic, turnkey ECM is the quickest way to take your device through the manufacturing process and get it into the hands of your customers.
  • Lower Risk of Supply Chain Disruptions – a domestic ECM will have the vetted suppliers you need to ensure there is minimal delay from supply chain disruption and no risk of counterfeit components.
  • Higher Quality Control Standards – a domestic ECM will understand the regulatory requirements for medical device manufacturing and ensure that your product meets or exceeds those quality control standards.
  • Greater Flexibility and Customization – in a turnkey facility with on-site engineers, you will have the flexibility to adjust and customize your product as it goes through the manufacturing process.
  • Improved Communication and Collaboration – with no language barriers or issues with time zones, communication is greatly improved, allowing for collaboration throughout the process.

Cost Considerations in Domestic Electronic Manufacturing for Medical Devices

Every business knows that the price you are quoted isn’t always the price you pay in the end, and this is consistently true when you outsource your electronic manufacturing for medical devices to an overseas facility. In today’s economy, many businesses are tempted to choose their partner on price alone. However, cost must be balanced with other factors. With a domestic ECM, you will have cost savings from reduced lead times and improved quality control. When you choose a low-cost, overseas facility, not only can your product take longer to get to market, costing you money, but you may need to do additional testing and reworking before your product meets the regulatory standards. This can add to your overall cost. When you balance the cost with the benefits of using a domestic ECM, you will often find that the smarter choice is finding a domestic partner.

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You have many options for outsourcing your medical device electronic contract manufacturing. For the highest quality, fastest time to market, and overall best value, choosing an experienced, certified domestic turnkey ECM is the best choice. Contact Levison Enterprises to learn more about our capabilities and to get a quote on your next medical device project.