What Makes PCB Assembly for Defense and Military Unique in Electronic Manufacturing?

Defense and Military PCB assembly isn't something to cut corners with. Make sure you have a qualified ECM to partner with.

Not all assembly of printed circuit boards is created equal. Different markets need to be handled differently. Such is the case for military PCB assembly. The nature of war is changing and the tools soldiers use in the battlefield must keep up. The PCBs must be as rugged and durable as the military personnel who use them. This means there are a lot of considerations that must be kept in mind during the PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing process for defense and military.

Operating ConditionsCable & Wire Harness

Defense and military electronics are constantly exposed to harsh environments, chemicals, contaminants, and fluctuating operating conditions. The PCBs must be built to withstand these extremes. As a result, special attention must be made in design, fabrication, and assembly so the equipment will keep operating no matter what it is exposed to. Material and parts selection is especially important. Aluminum and copper are often used because they can withstand extreme heat and have a lower risk of oxidation.

Extreme Heat, Humidity, and Vibration

Part of the harsh operating conditions defense, military, and aerospace PCBs are exposed to include extreme heat, humidity, and vibration. As a result, special surface coatings and finishings may be required for military PCB Assembly. Acrylic based sprays, immersion silver, or other conformal coatings may be used to coat the boards. Thermal compounds are used in order to protect components from heat and reduce vibration that can crack solder. In some cases, even high strength epoxies are used to bond components to the boards to ensure they don’t move or vibrate out of position.

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Guidelines for Military Grade PCBs

Before manufacturing begins, there are some standards which will need to be understood in order to successfully accomplish military PCB assembly. It is extremely important to take steps to ensure PCB quality when manufacturing parts that will be used in military systems. The best way to handle military PCB assembly considerations is to work with a contract manufacturer with the capabilities to manufacture PCBs that meet military standards. The right contract manufacturer able to tackle military and aerospace PCB assembly will have in-depth knowledge of the necessary requirements. Levison Enterprises is that company.

Levison Enterprises has already fulfilled contracts for the FAA, Department of Defense, and several other government agencies. Our quality certifications and experience in the defense industry makes us highly qualified for your next aerospace and military PCB assembly project. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you. Contact us today to see how we can assist with your next project.

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