What AS9100D with ISO9001:2015 Certification by NSF-ISR Means to Our Electronic Manufacturing Customers

When you are looking for a PCB manufacturer, consider working with an electronic manufacturer who holds AS9100D and ISO9001 certification by NSF-ISR, even if your product or industry does not require these certifications. Holding these certifications may not be required by law, but abiding by the standards set by the certifying body is universally considered to be the best practice in the industry, and puts those who hold it in a network with other certified manufacturers. Those companies that hold these certifications work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality and best results and their processes will be in compliance with industry-wide regulations.

What AS9100D with ISO9001-2015 Certification Means to Our Customers

What is AS9100D by NSF-ISR?

The AS9100D by NSF-ISR seeks to guide five core processes in the aerospace industry:

  • Quality Management Systems
  • Management Responsibilities
  • Resource Management 
  • Product Realization
  • Measure of Improvement

The certification process to obtain AS9100D certification NSF-ISR is extensive and rigorous. It requires two on-site audits, numerous internal audits, and annual surveillance audits to ensure standards are always in place. An array of measures change from year to year to ensure continuous compliance. Additional measures that build upon the basics are product safety, risk-based thinking, counterfeit parts prevention, and human factors. Committing to the AS9100D certification by NSF-ISR means that the PCB partner who holds this certification is committed to customer satisfaction and proven processes while working for an industry with little margin for error.

What is ISO 9100 certification by NSF-ISR?

The ISO 9100 certification by NSF-ISR is the international quality management system and standard for the aviation, space, and defense industry. ISO 9100 certification by NSF-ISR is proof of risk management procedures, industry-critical processes, increased focus on timely product delivery, supplier approval process, and prevention of counterfeit components. Product safety was added as a new clause with the revision, along with counterfeit parts prevention and risk clauses. Companies who seek this certification must not only meet the statutory and regulatory requirements, but they must also maintain documentation of all requirements. Continuous improvement is a crucial piece of the ISO 9100 certification by NSF-ISR.

What Type of Projects Need this Certification?

The AS9100D certification by NSF-ISR is mainly pursued by companies that provide products and services for the aviation, space, and defense industries. It applies to any organization that works in the aerospace industry or with partners in the aerospace industry, including designers of aerospace parts, manufacturers of aircraft components and materials, quality management organizations working with aerospace manufacturers, and other support companies within the aerospace industry. When your PCB partner holds these certifications, they will meet all requirements for Class 3 PCB assemblies. Some of the products include flight control computers, high-speed data encryption units, black boxes, fuel vapor detection modules, and unmanned vehicle control systems.

When you work with a company committed not only to obtaining but maintaining these certifications, you know you are working with a PCB manufacturer committed to the highest standards in PCB manufacturing and assembly.

Obtaining and maintaining these certifications means that your PCB partner is ready to work with the most highly regulated industries and provide you with a high level of quality and a commitment to continuous improvement. When your ECM partner holds themselves to these high certification standards, the needs of the customer and other stakeholders in the project will be met more effectively.

Any organization can benefit from working with an electronic contract manufacturer who holds these certifications. Levison Enterprises is a turnkey ECM with a long history of successful builds in a wide array of industries. We are committed to being the best in the industry by adhering to the standards set by PCB industry certifications. Contact us today for a quote on your next project.