Turnkey Electronic Contract Manufacturing for Military Devices

A turnkey facility is always a good choice for an ECM partnership. Turnkey facilities who can complete your entire project in-house will have the experts, the experience, and the machinery needed to complete any project successfully. When it comes to military based electronic projects, such as a military communications electronics board, a turnkey ECM becomes even more important, as having the entire project completed in-house ensures that the certifications, suppliers, and standards are all met.


Who Can You Partner with to Develop Your Military Communications Electronics Board?

When looking for a partner for military based electronic projects, you need to find a partner who has the correct certifications. Extensive military and defense experience are crucial for projects that are needed for the defense industry. The right certifications and experience, along with a facility with engineers on-site for the duration of the project, are what you should be looking for in an ECM partner ready to manufacture your military communications electronics board.

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A turnkey partner – one who will see your project through from design to delivery – is the right choice for military based electronic projects. When your entire project can be completed under one roof, you will have one contact throughout the project to ensure that nothing is missed or lost in communication during the project. Human error is most likely to occur when the project passes from stage to stage and keeping all the stages in one facility will minimize this risk.

An ECM with a vetted supply chain is very important for military based electronic projects, as the suppliers used for military projects have different specifications that need to be met. An ECM with experience dealing in government projects will understand the supply needs and have vetted suppliers ready for the project. Validated military approved supply chains are very important, and an ECM prepared to deal with a defense contract will understand the importance. Plans for obsolescence and counterfeit component mitigations are already in place, and an ECM who is prepared to deal with government projects will also understand the security precautions necessary. Secure assembly and manufacturing are often critical to projects such as military communications electronic boards, and an ECM with the right experience is the right partner to handle this project.

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Knowing When You’ve Found a Quality ECM

A quality ECM will always focus on quality assurance, design support, rigorous testing, and share their capabilities. They will have the ability to use their in-house engineers, technical experts, and experienced manufacturers to ensure that your project will be completed and meet your timing and budgetary needs. They will be able to handle the regulation and strict specifications necessary for any project. Having a turnkey facility to design, program, manufacture, and test your devices will take the stress out of finding multiple experts.

When it comes to military communication devices, finding a partner who is merely able to complete part of your project isn’t enough. Finding a turnkey ECM partner who is dedicated to completing government projects and is prepared to handle any special requirements is the right partner for a military based electronic project. Levison Enterprises is the one-stop-shop for your next military communication device build. Our experience working on government projects in our turnkey facility makes us the right choice for your next build. Contact us today for a quote.

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