Turnkey Aerospace Electronic Manufacturing Saves Time and Money

Turnkey Aerospace Electronic Manufacturing Saves Time and Money

Sometimes you need a quick turnaround. Or, maybe you just want the convenience of sticking with one contractor for your aerospace electronic assembly. No matter the reason, turnkey electronic Assembly might be the right fit. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for circuit-board assembly. Your turnkey ECM takes care of the entire process, including obtaining components, continuous quality monitoring, and final assembly.

While quick turn electronic assembly sounds great, you must do your research. You want to make sure you partner with a company that is up to the demands required of aerospace electronic assembly. Fast is great but getting it right the first time is invaluable.

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Can you count on a company for turnkey electronic assembly that doesn’t have a troubleshooting team in place? Absolutely not! An ECM with on-site engineering lets you know someone is always on the lookout for issues that could compromise the performance of your circuit boards. There is always a second set of eyes on your product to guarantee quality. Engineers will be in-house and on hand during your turnkey electronic assembly to uncover issues. They are troubleshooting experts who can respond and make corrections immediately if a problem is detected. Catching an issue early on cuts down on costly production delays that can occur if issues arise later in the manufacturing process.

Quality Certifications

Quality certifications are extremely valuable when looking for a turnkey electronic assembly partner. The certifications your ECM holds are an indicator of its technical capabilities and ensure compliance with all federal and regional regulations. AS9100 certification is an aerospace quality management system considered a “highly stringent” quality standard. This is a must for aerospace electronic assembly. In addition, ISO and ITAR compliance indicates you are working with someone with a true commitment to excellence. ITAR certification from the United States Department of State controls importing and exporting of sensitive defense-related materials while ISO 9001 shows a commitment to regulatory requirements and customer satisfaction.

Vetted Suppliers

The company you turn to for turnkey electronic assembly must have network of trusted suppliers. This means you won’t need to spend time locating components, and then negotiating the price. Your parts will probably also arrive more quickly and save valuable time. Plus, preexisting suppliers will have been thoroughly vetted. This means the risk of counterfeit or sub-standard parts being used in your aerospace electronic assembly is greatly reduced.

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Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering capabilities are a big added benefit of turnkey electronic assembly. This is especially handy for parts obsolescence. Reverse engineering can be used to retrofit for another component, or perhaps, fabricate a part. Reverse engineering can also be used for troubleshooting and quality control. Your ECM will be able to take your prototype and reverse engineer it to see what makes it work so you can make duplicates or correct issues you are having with it.

Levison Enterprises has the experience and facilities needed to be your single source turnkey electronic assembly solution. As an ISO 9001certified, AS9100 certified, and ITAR registered company, we are well positioned to work with you in the aerospace industry. Our attention to detail and high-quality standards makes us well-suited to offer reliable turnkey electronic assembly of any level of complexity and customization. We look forward to talking about how we can assist with your next project. Contact Levison Enterprises today.

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