Top Traits for Your Next Medical Device Manufacturer

Top Traits for Your Next Medical Device Manufacturer

The medtech industry is constantly changing. Technology evolves at a rapid pace and companies are working hard to keep up. The pressure is on to bring new and improved medical devices to market to revolutionize healthcare and to better (or save) lives. At the same time, companies need to improve efficiency and keep costs low. That is why finding the right medical device contract manufacturing partner is so important. You want a medical device contract manufacturer with certifications like ISO 13485 who cares as much about your product as you do and can stick to your budget. So, it is important to consider several top traits of a CM while searching for your next partner.

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Communication is key to any solid relationship. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a medical device contract manufacturer. You want an ally and partner, not just a hired hand. Look for a CM who is willing to talk to you on the phone or in person, not just through an endless string of emails. Ask a lot of questions and gauge the response. Check to see if you get answers in a timely manner. Be sure to take time to tour the company and manufacturing facility, and meet with the quality control and engineering teams. All of this, along with the company’s knowledge and reputation, are clear indicators of how the business operates and if it can be trusted with your product.

Vetted Supplier Network

Quality materials can make or break your product. You want a CM with a trusted supplier network so your medical device is comprised of only the highest quality parts and materials. Your manufacturing partner should have a trusted network of suppliers and vendors with shared standards for integrity, quality, safety, and customer care.

In-House Engineering

Having a CM instantly jump into action when problems with your project arise can be a big relief. That’s why you should seriously consider partnering with a medical device contract manufacturer that also offers troubleshooting assistance. With engineering support on site, issues are uncovered and corrected early in the process in order to save you time and money while sticking to your production timeline.

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Domestic Project Management

Effective project management is key when it comes to medical device manufacturing. You want a CM who can help you keep track of all the moving parts. This includes coordination of all departments, timelines, suppliers, and production. However, location matters. Having a domestic project manager is an advantage when it comes to legal and political issues. Your CM will need to make sure your product is staying within the laws and regulations. Having a domestic medical device manufacturing partner also helps safe guard the integrity of your production and assembly. A medical device manufacturer will also save you time and money in shipping and customs.

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