The Value of Domestic ECM Standards and Regulations

Saving money is important to many companies, with managers making decisions in how and when to cut costs. When looking at electronic component manufacturing, some companies may look into partnerships with overseas ECM shops. Although not as drastic as they once were, the quoted costs may be lower. But these lowered costs come with a much higher risk in both safety and security. There is value in domestic ECM standards and regulations that should encourage many companies looking for an ECM partner to stay here in the USA for their manufacturing.

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When comparing American and overseas manufacturing, standards make a big difference. American contract manufacturers must follow the strict standards for both environmental impact, such as disposal of hazardous materials, and material quality, which makes a big difference in electronic design safety. In a domestic facility, it is very difficult to cut corners in quality. When manufacturing is moved overseas, the standards have a potential to slip through the cracks. With distance and a lack of oversight, quality can begin to decrease, and safety can become more of a concern.

Secure Intellectual Property

Another concern of overseas manufacturing is security. Over the years there have been reports of overseas manufacturers stealing intellectual property. Although overseas manufacturing costs may be lower, the risk of having intellectual property stolen is not worth the savings. Many companies have abandoned overseas manufacturing due to the risk. Keeping manufacturing domestic lowers the risk as NDAs, confidentiality agreements, and well-established laws make IP theft much less of an issue. A quality ECM will always carefully safeguard all intellectual property throughout the process, for both the protection of the client and themselves. Recovering stolen intellectual property is nearly impossible.

Ease in Communication Through the Process

Outsourcing ECM overseas not only comes with greater risk in safety and security, but there are practical considerations as well. Communication with overseas manufacturing services can be challenging. Human error is always a concern during the process, and when communication is not clear, the risk of human error is even greater. With a domestic ECM, particularly with a turnkey facility, you will have a project manager as your contact during the entire process. This single contact will make communication not only easier, but clearer. The chances of a miscommunication derailing the project are far less than with an overseas manufacturing partner.

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Accessibility of Custom Electronic Design Services

When you are looking for an ECM partner for your custom electronic design services, looking domestically means that you will have ease of communication, a project that meets current environmental and safety standards, and a partner who values your intellectual property. When staying domestic, both partners are kept honest through their closer working relationships and the regulations of the domestic market.  If you need to tweak your project during the process, a domestic ECM is accessible. If you partner with a turnkey shop with on-site engineers, you will find that the ease of custom electronic design services is much easier to navigate.

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