The Right Electronic Manufacturer Can Improve Product Quality and Reliability

When it comes to building today’s products, you need a quality, experienced electronic contract manufacturing partner you can trust throughout every step of the production lifecycle process. An experienced, domestic electronic manufacturer who practices continuous improvement in a turnkey facility with on-site engineers can significantly improve your already excellent product.

Close up photo of a small stack of blue printed circuit board. There are countless advantages to choosing an all-in-one ECM partner.

State of the Art Equipment

The right ECM partner can offer state of the art technology and equipment to ensure your products are innovative and competitive. Using the most current, advanced technology and equipment allows you to stay relevant in a constantly changing industry.

Skilled Workforce

Providing in-house engineers is key for design optimization and troubleshooting. Having a dedicated engineering team means your product is getting the utmost attention it deserves throughout the manufacturing and assembly process, resulting in higher quality products. Providing a skilled and dedicated workforce means your project will be completed by experts who specialize in and understand the technical specifications of your build.

Industry Knowledge

An all-in-one, turnkey ECM with a diverse portfolio of projects, multi-industry expertise, and a vetted supply chain is invaluable, especially now. To maintain a skilled workforce in a wide array of projects, all-in-one ECM employees must regularly invest time into continuous improvement. This ensures your ECM partner is innovative and capable of working on a variety of projects, like for example, Aerospace, Medical, Government, and Food Safety PCBs.


Levison Enterprises has the quality certifications for your project. While some certifications are industry specific, any project will benefit from our upstanding commitment to high standards and efficiency. Our employees are trained at the highest caliber to ensure that our in-house procedures meet all requirements for any necessary certifications in the industrial electronic field.

DFM Analysis

With our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Analysis, we can help you create products that meet the strictest material and construction standards to produce higher-end products at a lower cost. Levison Enterprises understand the needs facing electronic manufacturers in a fast-paced, ultra-competitive market, and we’re proud to tout that Design for Manufacturing is an area of expertise for us.

DFM analysis requires competent design, extensive testing, and access to the latest prototyping technologies and tools. Levison Enterprises has more than 100 years of combined personnel experience spanning multiple decades of electronic technology and testing protocols, so you can be sure that our ability to conduct reliable DFM analysis will give you the results you’d expect.

Redesigning ServicesLegacy - Square

Redesigning can save you the time and burden of starting over with your legacy design. Our team of in-house engineers understand electronic industrial controls and can reverse engineer your products to learn precisely how to bring their functionality to meet current needs. If your product would benefit from a redesign, our engineers would be delighted to work your design backward to find solutions that will yield an exceptional product in the end. We specialize in retrofitting, upgrading, and replacing old, obsolete parts, helping to save money while keeping your trusted, reliable device on the market longer.

Design Support

The ECM partner you choose should possess the ability to assist during the design process. This includes designing for manufacturability, procurement, and testability. Design support is an integral piece as it ensures your product is cost-effective and robust, while still meeting industry standards. We will help guarantee your plans are both effective and efficient.

On-Site Engineers to Streamline and Optimize Design

Having access to on-site engineers optimizes your project. They’ll offer engineering solutions to streamline your design for greater functionality while still meeting your requirements for quality, reliability, and cost.

Packaging and Shipping Services

Finding an ECM partner who offers product fulfillment services, including direct shipping to the distributor will save you time and money. Transitions can be a pain point for many projects, with moving products to your consumer potentially being the most painful, where the cost due to delays and damages can become outrageous.

Packaging and shipping are the services that typically require the support of a subcontractor, but a superb ECM partner like Levison Enterprises can confidently handle the packaging and shipping hassles for you. After all, who knows your product better than anyone and therefore how best to package it for distribution? Your trusted ECM, of course.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right ECM partner will allow your team to focus on the aspects of your business that deliver growth and customer acquisition. Having a dedicated group of highly trained professionals working on your project equals cost-savings in materials, shipping, and time.

If you’re ready to improve the reliability of your electronic design process, consider enlisting the help of a qualified ECM like Levison Enterprises. We can help dramatically improve the quality of your electronic devices while effectively reducing costs, time, and stress. Contact us for a quote today.