Seagate Mobile Security Solutions

For over 8 years Seagate Mobile Security Solutions has been working closely with Levison Enterprises and some of the country’s largest construction companies to tailor mobile trailer security solutions to the industry’s specific security needs. Seagate, with Levison Enterprises’ support in electronic assembly and design, is becoming a leading innovator in construction site security solutions.

Experts estimate that the total value of stolen equipment, tools and materials costs construction companies up to a billion dollars each year. The founder of Seagate Alarm & Signal, Jim Adams, witnessed this first hand during his time working with a large Toledo, Ohio based bridge and highway construction company. He saw some of the limitations in construction site security such as limited power sources and no available phone or data lines which are required to run a standard conventional alarm. It was then that he designed a 1st generation alarm system utilizing solar power and a cellular transmission to send signals to a central security monitoring station.

As construction site theft numbers continue to rise, Seagate Mobile Security Solutions has been more and more proactive in providing solutions and Levison Enterprises has been a valuable partner in engineering and design support of the alarm system. Levison Enterprises provides product development, electronic design and electronic manufacturing services and support. Together they have developed the Gen 5 Alarm System, the advanced construction site security solution designed specifically for mobile tool and office trailers and storage units. Learn more about Seagate by visiting their website