Questions to Ask Your ECM Before Manufacturing Begins

Before manufacturing begins, there are things to discuss with your ECM partner to ensure that everyone is on the same page. When you outsource, you are choosing to begin a partnership with your manufacturer. It’s important to determine that your goals and standards are aligned and that you are moving in the right direction for your project’s success.

ECM Design brings many questions.

Do You Provide Creative Solutions to Help Us Evolve?

Your ECM is the expert who can help you become better in ways that you don’t yet know about. A good ECM partner will be focused on coming up with new solutions to help you grow and thinking of ways you can become better than your competition.

What Do Your Partnerships Look Like?

It’s always tempting to go with the lowest priced option, but often, these partnerships aren’t really partnerships at all. You do, as always, get what you pay for. The ECM partner you choose should feel like an extension of your team, working hard toward the same goal for your product. The partnership should be open with reliable communication, and you should always be in contact with your project manager to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

More Than Design

Can You Help My Product Stay Compliant?

The ECM you partner with should know your industry and the regulations of that industry well. If your product is not compliant, your ECM has failed in their role. When you bring your project to your ECM, ask about their experience within the industry, any relevant certifications, and their knowledge of the regulatory practices you will face. Your ECM should have experience and knowledge in your industry before you begin your partnership and should put their primary focus on ensuring your product is compliant.

Can You Help with Design?

You may have a good design, but an ECM with design support is always a benefit. Your ECM can draw from their industry knowledge to work with and improve your design for the best degree of manufacturability. When you want the most efficient and best design, knowing your ECM has the right team to assist with that part of the process on-site is crucial.

What are Your Thoughts on Continuous Improvement?

Your ECM should always be looking for ways to become better. A partner dedicated to continuous improvement is constantly evaluating their practices and working to improve. Manufacturing technology is always evolving, and your ECM should be focused on evolving as well. When your ECM is dedicated to a culture of continuous improvement, you will know that complacency will not be an issue.

Are Your Project Managers Hands-On?

The project manager should be present and monitoring the progress of your project daily. A good project manager is approachable from all involved in the project, including you as the client, the engineering team, the manufacturing team, and all others involved. A project manager should always be ready to work with the entire team to keep everyone on the same page.

An ECM partner should be proactive and a problem solver. The ECM you partner with should have a successful record in projects similar in scope and difficulty to yours, and should focus on working with you as a team member. When you choose the right ECM, you can trust that your project is in good hands. Contact Levison Enterprises for a quote today!

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