Protect Your PCB Design IP Through the Reverse Engineering Process With Your Electronic Manufacturer

If you’ve put the time into developing and designing a new product, you need your electronic manufacturer to protect your design intellectual property in the time before your product is ready for marketing and distribution.

Depending on the industry, IP theft may not only be costly but also create security issues. Even still, you can’t be your own ECM, so you need to find one you can trust to handle your project. How do you know your design intellectual property will be protected throughout the process?

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Protect Your Design Intellectual Property (IP)

When your design goes through the reverse engineering process, the engineering team will have all the information about the design of the product, giving them a virtual copy of the blueprint for your design. How can you ensure that your design IP is protected throughout the process?

Benefits of a Domestic ECM

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An experienced, certified domestic ECM is a trustworthy partner who will protect your intellectual property and keep your design secure throughout the manufacturing process. An ECM’s livelihood depends on their client base, so it’s in their best interest to protect your IP at all costs. When considering an ECM to partner with, let their experience, certifications, and client case studies be your guide.

Domestic partners are much less vulnerable to security threats than an overseas partner, and although it may seem like a cost-effective decision to partner with an overseas ECM, it’s often more costly in terms of integrity, trustworthiness, and efficiency.

The strict quality processes your domestic ECM follows will ensure that your project – and the security of your designs – is documented throughout the process. Eliminating overseas shipping and potential errors in communication will result in a faster time to market as well.

Benefits of a Turnkey ECM Partner

A turnkey ECM partner is one who can handle your entire project from design through to delivery. When your project is handled by one ECM partner, rather than bouncing from vendor to vendor, your security increases greatly. Every time your project moves to another shop, there is a risk of information being compromised, which can hurt both your final product and your design IP security. In a turnkey facility, your project will be less likely to face these kinds of issues. When looking for an ECM partner, choose one who can handle the entire project, start to finish. It is the most secure option.

Benefits of On-Site Engineers

On-site engineers are important throughout the design and manufacturing process. They will be there to work through the design and prototyping phases, and are available to reverse engineer any legacy projects if necessary. They will also be there through every stage to ensure that your project will be completed to the highest possible standard. Having on-site engineers will help streamline your design, ensure compliance, develop prototypes, and test to make sure that your end product is exactly what you need it to be. Without on-site engineers, things can slip through the cracks and you may find yourself facing a costly redesign or adding another manufacturing run.

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When you are looking for an ECM that values design intellectual property security and follows the high standards set by your industry, look for a domestic, turnkey ECM with engineers on-site. Experienced, turnkey facilities know how to protect their clients and their projects. Levison Enterprises has been a trusted ECM partner in a variety of industries. Our success hinges on your product’s success, and when you partner with us, we become a trusted extension of your team. To learn more about our high-quality capabilities and standards, contact us today for a quote on your next project.