Partnering with a Domestic ECM Saves Time

When trying to cut costs, you may consider partnering with an overseas electronic contract manufacturer. In truth, partnering with a domestic ECM can save you much more money in the long run. Instead of looking at the initial cost, consider all the advantages of partnering with a domestic ECM.

Partnering with a Domestic Electronic contract manufacturer Saves Time

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Domestic ECMs are committed to quality, and the risk of IP theft is much lower when partnering with a domestic ECM. An ECM with a team of engineers on-site will be dedicated to improving your product. From beginning to end, you know that a domestic ECM is committed to quality. These in-house engineers will find errors early, which will save you both time and money. Having engineers on-site will optimize the process from beginning to end. Using an overseas ECM may necessitate spending your own resources on quality assurance after delivery, which can cost a lot more. If errors are detected at that point, it can substantially increase your timeline.

Less Communication Errors

If you can’t communicate with your ECM partner, you run the risk of misunderstandings which can be costly in both time and money. Working with an overseas ECM means that things can get lost in translation, even if the overseas ECM communicates in English. Language barriers, as well as cultural differences, can still make communicating difficult. Spending time on back and forth email communication, or worse, delaying communication due to time differences, will ultimately delay the project. Experienced, domestic ECMs will understand everything your project needs from start to finish and will communicate clearly right from the start.

Fewer Shipping Headaches

Shipping can inflate your costs exponentially, and overseas shipping does not come cheap. In addition, you may be looking at a long shipping timeline. A domestic ECM may be within driving distance, meaning the shipping or delivery will be quicker and cheaper. You’ll have options available, and most importantly, you’ll avoid customs and tariffs.

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Faster Timelines

The closer you are to your ECM partner, the faster the timeline will be from development to your final product. A domestic ECM doesn’t have to deal with customs. While domestic shipping issues may arise on occasion, international delays are more significant and can be unpredictable. Shorter lead times will save money.

Supply Chain Management

The risk of counterfeit components is real and can derail your product. Knowing the chain of custody can cut down on the risk of counterfeit components. Communicating with a vetted supplier will lower the risk of inadvertently using counterfeit parts. If you’re looking for a small run, staying domestic is the best way to go. A domestic ECM will be much more flexible when it comes to the size of the job.

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When looking at the cost of a domestic ECM compared with overseas, your company will need to look at the big picture of how a domestic ECM will save money over the duration of the project. While an international ECM may offer you lower production costs, the shipping, delayed timeline, and potential for errors will all add to the cost over time, making it the more expensive option. Finding a domestic ECM that can see your project through from design to the delivery is the best option for your product. Levison Enterprises has set the standard for domestic electronic contract manufacturing, and is the right partner to help you with your next project. Contact us for a free quote today!