Outsourcing Your Prototype to a Medical Device Manufacturer

Outsourcing Your Medical Device Prototype

Prototyping is a crucial part of designing a new medical device. Without it you will never know if your idea is viable. Of course, creating a prototype is easier said than done. Today most medical device companies prefer to hire another company to breathe life into their designs. Outsourcing your medical device prototype to a medical device manufacturer can bring many benefits along with it. Working with the right partner can speed up the medical device prototyping process and cut your time to market.

This is in addition to other advantages. When it comes to outsourcing your medical device prototype, the rewards far exceed the risks.

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Launching a medical product takes a ton of resources. You might have a great idea, but you need people and tools to make it a reality. Outsourcing your prototyping to a medical device contract manufacturer means you don’t need to hire a team, purchase equipment, and blow your budget to make it happen. You can outsource your product to a medical device contract manufacturer who has the certifications, designers, engineers, researchers, tools and machinery on site. Your manufacturing partner will already have a proven process in place, not just for prototyping, and move it ahead into production once your product is ready. This will not only save you money. It will also get you to market sooner.

Cost Reduction

Getting your prototype made is one thing, but it is a big bonus when you can get your prototype, finalize design for manufacturing and save money at the same time. Outsourcing can do this. The outside manufacturer you hire already has an experienced staff on hand. They also have the manufacturing equipment you need and have access to better rates on supplies from their existing vendors. By outsourcing your prototype you eliminate a big bill for startup and end up with a reduction in costs by what you would have paid for in labor, materials, and assembly.

Quality Testing

Outsourcing your medical device prototype ensures you end up with a quality product. Your partner will, no doubt, have tried and true systems and processes in place that meet or exceed quality standards of the medical industry. This will include in-house testing. Many experiments and test cycles will be ran to make sure your device can stand on its own. Any issues that arise will be reworked and corrected so your device is ready for anything before it is put in to full production.

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Increase Profits

Having someone else handle your prototyping allows you to more easily keep costs in check and frees you up to focus your attention elsewhere, like making money. Your medical device prototyping partner can focus their attention on the product while you look ahead to the future. You are freed up to continue developing new ideas, technologies, and designs for the next medical device you plan to put forward. This means your time is spent working to generate even more revenue for your company while your prototype is preparing to go to market.

Levison Enterprises offers prototyping services to help you create the best possible medical device. Our team will work with you to develop and deliver the highest quality product to take to market. With our team’s extended knowledge, resources, expertise, and ISO 13485 certification, we are ready to turn your medical device design into a reality. Contact Levison Enterprises today to launch your next medical device prototype.

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