On-Site Engineers Invaluable During Current Supply Chain Concerns

Supply chain concerns and part shortages are impacting nearly every industry, and manufacturers are struggling to meet the demands of their customers while working through these issues. Choosing a domestic ECM with on-site engineers is your best defense when facing these disruptions.

Pick and Place machine in printed circuit board manufacturing.

On-Site Engineers Can Work Around Supply Chain Disruptions

Part shortages and supply chain disruptions are real and they are frustrating. Nearly every industry is feeling the effects of our current supply chain, and many companies are worried about keeping their reputations for on-time delivery intact. This is where on-site engineers can step in and help. Engineering teams have been dealing with a level of parts obsolescence on a regular basis for some time now, and they can apply those principles to mitigate supply chain shortages.

Engineers can look at the components that are available and perform a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis on your product to account for parts that aren’t readily available. Reverse engineering will allow the engineers to go back and redesign your components, using parts that are available, with no loss of functionality or reduction in quality. When an on-site engineering team is handling the project from the beginning, they will have a plan for supply chain disruptions and will be ready to address those challenges quickly and effectively.

More Than Design

Detailed Supply Chain Management is More Critical than Ever

When there are shortages in parts needed for your project, it can be tempting to find anything that will work, even if the parts are coming from a supplier that you haven’t vetted. But, as most companies know, this is far too risky. During supply chain concerns, counterfeit parts become a more common risk because you need the parts and it’s easy to let your guard down under pressure. This is when supply chain management under an experienced ECM is critical. By continuing to vet suppliers and implement best practices for counterfeit parts mitigation, your ECM partner will have reliable parts from their vetted network. It can be very difficult to identify counterfeit parts immediately, and too often the low-quality parts aren’t noticed until a product fails. Before choosing your ECM, talk to the project manager about their practices for counterfeit parts mitigation and supply chain management. A quality ECM will use vetted suppliers and have a plan in place for obsolescence management.

Partnering with a Domestic ECM is the Best Choice During Supply Chain Disruptions

While outsourcing your project, choosing a domestic partner for your project has advantages that reach beyond the supply chain benefits. A domestic ECM will have:

  • Experience
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Certifications
  • Design Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Engineers On-Site
  • Packing and Shipping Services

Having the right certifications, experience, and industry knowledge from both the engineers on-site and team who will handle the build are crucial to a quality product that will meet all the necessary specifications and regulatory requirements of your industry. Choosing a domestic, turnkey ECM ensures that your project will be handled in-house for the duration of the project, eliminating any potential risks posed by moving your project between facilities.

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When you have the right ECM partner, you can work through part shortages and supply chain disruptions as a team, and you will know that your ECM has a plan to provide you with a quality product no matter what. While cutting corners may be tempting, making the investment in a domestic, turnkey ECM with on-site engineering services available will ultimately save you both time and money. If you’re looking for a solid partner to team up with on your next PCB manufacturing project, contact Levison Enterprises today!