Not All Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services are the Same

Outsourcing electronic design and manufacturing services to an industry partner is a smart decision for many companies. Deciding who to partner with can be a more difficult decision. Not all electronic design and manufacturing services are the same. There are some companies to steer clear of, and some companies who will be excellent long-term partners for your business. Sorting out which is which can be challenging, but there are things you can look for to find the right partner for outsourcing your electronic design and manufacturing services to.

Industry ExperienceLegacy - Square

The best electronic design and manufacturing service partner is one that has an extensive history in the industry or industries similar to yours. A well-established shop can be relied upon to do high quality work. Having engineers on staff, using vetted suppliers, holding relevant certifications, and understanding the intricacies to provide full turn-key service from beginning to end are all things you will find in an experienced electronic design and manufacturing partner.

Strong Design Capabilities

Whichever partner you outsource to should have the ability to work with you through the design process. The best partners will help streamline your plans and designs to make them as efficient and effective as possible.

Advanced Technologies

A partner who is invested in the latest technologies and constant improvement is one that will keep your business competitive. It ensures that the employees are focused on continuous improvement and that the company understands the importance of moving forward with technology.

More Than Design

Industry Compliance

Industry compliance is crucial. If an electronic design and manufacturing service does not adhere to current industry standards, they are not a company you should even consider doing work with. A company who is industry compliant will hold itself to a high standard, and your company will have the confidence to know that your products will reflect that industry standard.


A turn-key partner is one that can take control of the entire production. This includes design, component and product assembly, acquiring materials, testing, and more. This model makes the project considerably easier to manage, as you are only working with one partner. This can help streamline both the expenses and the timeline for the project.

Product Testing

Testing should always be part of the process. Testing ensures that each unit is up to standard and performs as expected. Testing for design flaws or recurring issues can help you analyze your design and catch errors before they occur. Testing throughout the process will save time and money in the long run and should always be something that your partner for electronic design and manufacturing services offers as part of their process.

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Finding the right company to outsource to will take some time as you begin your search, but when you know what to look for, the right partner will begin to set itself apart from the others. Not all partners are created equal, and the right one will set your project up for success from the very beginning. Contact Levison Enterprises for more information about our turn-key services or to start your quote today.