New Year, New PCB Assembly ECM

New Year, New PCB Assembly ECM

It’s a new year! Time to start thinking about your relationship with your current PCB assembly ECM. Are they really working for you and your best interests?

At the start of a fresh new year, we are inclined to think about where we’ve been and where we’re trying to go. What goals did we achieve last year? What do we hope to accomplish in the new year?As you reflect and look forward, consider whether your current electronic contract manufacturer is the kind of partner to help you reach your big goals. If quality, efficiency, timely, and budget-friendly products are on your to-do list for the coming year, Levison Enterprises is ready to discuss how to help you achieve your goals.

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Ask yourself a few questions about your current electronic contract manufacturer.

Do they track quality and on-time delivery scores?

More importantly, if they aren’t tracking, why not? And if they are tracking, what are their scores? Tracking data is a commitment to quality in written form.

How quickly do you get estimates and quotes?

Time is money, as you know. This includes the time you wait around for an estimate. If an ECM isn’t responsive on the quoting side, how can you trust their ability to deliver your products on time?

What quality assurances does your ECM use?

Every ECM should use a quality control process throughout each step of production. What certifications and documentation does your ECM have to stand by their commitment to quality and process improvement?

What kind of warranty do you get with your ECM?

When something goes wrong, does your electronic contract manufacturer back you up? Is there a written plan as to what will happen when or if something goes wrong with your product? This is as much protection for you as it is for your ECM partner and a good one will have it all documented for you.

All-Around ECM

Levison Enterprises is regarded as a high-quality, customer-focused electronic contract manufacturer . We know the latest technologies in electronic manufacturing, as well as the old “tricks” that still work for some projects.

Our team of highly-trained staff and dedicated project managers take pride in understanding how everything works together to get you the best quality products for the lowest cost. Levison Enterprises’ engineers pour over designs, looking for efficiencies and cost savings.

The entire Levison team is trained for each build – including yours. With this top-notch staff, we can handle all aspects of your build – from design, to programming and assembly, to shipping directly to your customers.

We are trained and prepared to do all the electronic contract manufacturing steps that make your product better and your work easier.

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Expertise Like No Other ECM

Decades of experience across a committed and passionate team become yours when your project arrives at Levison Enterprises. Our team learns all the parts of your project, how they work together, where they can be sourced, what built in efficiencies might be available, and what risks need to be mitigated. We put years of dedicated project design and assembly experience to work on your project from beginning to end.

This expertise includes an array of in-house prototyping options to bring further value to your production process. Levison Enterprises offers cutting-edge prototyping, such as 3D printing, that gives you inexpensive and quick access to the best prototyping processes available.

Our years of expertise also mean that our partners are your partners. With this deep experience comes a strong network of trusted vendors that become a part of your network. This brings you the best pricing, quality, and the highest level certifications to every step of your project.

Getting The Job Done

Experience is one thing, but having a team of highly-trained and certified experts takes it to a new level. We keep up to date on the latest technologies, industry standards, and certifications to make your project efficient, safe, and of the highest quality.

We purposely keep a portfolio of diverse projects to help maintain expertise and capacity in a wide range of services. This all adds to your competitive advantage when your project is in our hands.

With experience, training, and a high degree of accountability, we stay nimble and innovative because we know what makes your product stand out.

Each member of the Levison Enterprises team is trained to meet the needs of your project. Your success is our success and we arm ourselves with the best training, technology, and certifications to ensure the best quality and efficiency in each one of our builds.

Get the Levison Enterprises Advantage in the New Year

Levison Enterprises is certified to work on projects in areas including Industrial, Government, Mobility, Aerospace, Medical, and Food Safety.

Our quality certifications set us apart from the competition. We take quality seriously and strive for continuous improvement, making us lean, efficient, and able to create your project with speed, but also with superior attention to detail.

Levison Enterprises is the nimble domestic electronic contract manufacturer you’ve been looking for. We have extensive experience in handling all aspects of our clients’ projects from design to final assembly.

Our top-level assembly services include:

  • · Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • · Electronic Control Panels
  • · Box Builds
  • · Electromechanical Builds
  • · DIN Rails and Backplanes
  • · Multi-Facet Assemblies
  • · Full System Testing

If your current electronic contracts manufacturer is not quite getting you to your goals, it’s time to look for another partner. Levison Enterprises is ready to put all our knowledge and commitments to quality and progress to work for you and your projects.