Move Your Project to a Turnkey Electronic Manufacturer

Product development is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, money, patience, perseverance, knowledge, and expertise to get your product out into the field. Designers often have a clear vision of how they want a product to look and function, but if they lack a strong engineering background, they may face difficulties navigating the numerous, complex steps that must take place between product conception and a marketable device. Partnering with a turnkey electronic manufacturer ensures that your partner has the right knowledge to manage your project successfully from start to finish.

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Have you done all you can do in-house, and you’re at a point where production is more than you can handle with your current capabilities? Instead of investing in building your in-house capabilities, consider outsourcing to a domestic turnkey ECM.

There are several benefits of outsourcing to a turnkey ECM. A turnkey electronic contract manufacturer covers every step of the product development process, from engineering to design and manufacturing. A turnkey ECM can step in from the initial concept or anywhere in the development process, and since everything is done under one roof, you save time and money.

Here’s what to look for in a good partner.

Certifications and Expertise

Investing a significant amount of time and resources into obtaining and maintaining industry quality certifications is a big sign an ECM can handle your project. The certifications a company earns tells you its technical capabilities and level of expertise.

Some certifications to look for include:

ISO 9001 – The most widely recognized quality certification that demonstrates statutory and regulatory requirements and customer satisfaction.

NIST SP800-171 – Requirements that any non-federal computer system must follow to store and process Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

AS9100 – An aerospace quality management system considered a highly stringent quality standard.

ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) – This certification from the United States Department of State controls imports and exports of sensitive defense-related materials and information.

IPC and J Standards – These include electronic workmanship certifications for soldering cables and circuit board assemblies.

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On-Site Design and Engineering Support

An electronic contract manufacturer is nothing without devoted engineering support. A company who employs in-house engineers can successfully handle your turnkey PCB assembly. On-site engineers oversee each stage of the manufacturing process. They’re on hand to detect any potential problems and solve them before they stall production or leave you with an inferior product.

Having in-house engineers is critical for PCB design and manufacturing. An extra set of eyes on your printed circuit board design can help streamline the design and improve your ideas. On-site engineers are there from the onset to provide support in mechanical, electronic, and even software design.

Project Manager

Look for an ECM partner who assigns its own project manager that will be dedicated to overseeing your entire build. Their job includes knowing your project inside and out, from design through the assembly to shipping and fulfillment services. A project manager ensures your project’s integrity. They are skilled at helping you throughout this process including all the nuances that don’t make it onto paper. Throughout the process, your project manager learns everything about your project and is prepared to ensure the entire team has the same level of insight.

Once your project is in the assembly phase, the project manager oversees the entire process, including the expert sub-assemblers while they build your project to your exact specifications. If at any time the project manager has questions about your build, the experts are on hand to address them to avoid any potential mistakes or delays.

Allocated Resources

With the right ECM partner, you can allocate your resources more effectively. Choosing the right ECM partner allows your team to focus on the aspects of your business that deliver growth and customer acquisition. Having a dedicated group of highly skilled and trained professionals working on your project equals cost-savings in materials, shipping, and time.

Why Move Your Project to Levison Enterprises?

If you’ve decided to outsource part or all your project to an electronic contract manufacturer, consider partnering with Levison Enterprises. When you choose us as your all-in-one ECM partner, we will get to know your entire project and goals backward and forward. Our dedicated project manager understands how everything works cohesively, and we can help you build a successful, reliable device. Contact us for a quote.

Our in-house engineers will look over your complete design for production, potentially saving you money. We’re able to reduce shipping and part delays and are always 100% committed to your project, maintaining complete accountability.

Our expert staff is trained for your build. We can handle multiple aspects of your build from design to programming and assembly to shipping directly to your customers. Our goal is to assemble your product with the same level of care you poured into the design. Your project deserves that level of commitment, and you can count on Levison Enterprises to deliver on our promises.

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