Management of Parts Obsolescence in the Medical Device Industry

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Parts obsolescence is already a big problem in the electronic industry. The fast pace of medical device development only compounds the trouble of hard to source components.

Technology–especially medical technology–moves forward rapidly. And, in some cases, parts become obsolete before the final product is even finished. Essential parts become impossible to source. However, this does not mean your cutting-edge medical device has reached a dead end. Finding the right medical device contract manufacturing partner can do a lot to mitigate the issue of parts obsolescence.

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A good medical device contract manufacturing company will work hard to track and manage the availability of parts. They will always know the availability of components and be able to forecast the risk of parts becoming obsolete. This allows them to stock up as soon as they determine a part may soon become hard to find.

A contract manufacturer proactive in parts obsolescence will also have an existing trusted network of vetted suppliers to turn to when a part is in danger of becoming hard to find. This will also enable the assembler to determine if there is an adequate substitute for the part or an appropriate aftermarket source.

On-Site Engineers

Sometimes a project reaches a point where the legacy technology no longer exists. This is where a contract manufacturer with on-site engineers is a real advantage. An ECM with engineers in house will make sure your design is using parts that have a good lifespan outlook, and they can troubleshoot by employing techniques such as reverse engineering, in order to move the project forward. They may be able to find an alternative component already on the market as a substitute or come up with a retrofit. On-site engineers can also offer design modifications to help you avoid a complete redesign and keep any disruption in development and manufacturing to a minimum.

Quality and Dedication

Working with a good medical device contract manufacturing service means you can trust them to manage parts obsolescence while you focus on developing new technology. This is why it is important to bring an ECM into the design and development phase early. Your medical device can then be designed to include components that will be available from multiple sources instead of a single vendor. The ECM’s input will almost guarantee longevity for needed parts and helps avoid a total redesign.

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The best manufacturing partner will be honest and upfront with you regarding parts availability. They will also work with a trusted supply chain in order to acquire components and not cut corners just get the job done.

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing at its Finest

Quality counts when designing and developing medical solutions for healthcare. You need a medical device contract manufacturer that is as dedicated to your success as you are. Look no further than Levison Enterprises. We have the equipment, capabilities, and certifications in place to troubleshoot and source obsolete parts that may be hard to find for your project. Our on-site engineers are experts in problem solving and will be able to find a solution as soon as the issue of parts obsolescence arises.

Levison Enterprises is the trusted partner to help you bring your life-enhancing idea to market and operate solutions that advance its viability. We can help you change the face of healthcare. Contact us today for a free quote.

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