Levison Enterprises Recommended for Certification to AS9100D Certified by NSF-ISR

Levison Enterprises Recommended for Certification to AS9100D

Since our beginning, Levison Enterprises has been about quality and partnerships with our customers. We set out to be an electronic assembly manufacturer that our customers could count on. We are proud to be an electronic contract manufacturer that works and trains our team to make the best quality products, on time and on budget, for every one of our customers. Today, we honor that commitment to quality in every project, piece, and part.

8 Key Things Medical ManufacturerWe have lived this committed, in part, through our dedication to high-quality standards and certifications. It’s one thing for us to tell our customers we have excellent quality standards. It’s another to consistently demonstrate that commitment through regular auditing, independent auditing, and achieving high quality certifications.

As such, we are pleased to announce Levison Enterprise’s has been recommended for certification to AS9100D certification by NSF-ISR. We are proud of this achievement, not just because we are holding up our commitment, but also for what it means for each one of our customers and the products they put their names on.

“We are pleased to announce that after our most recent recertification audit, our certification body has recommended us for continued certification to the latest revision of the AS9100 series, AS9100D certified by NSF-ISR. This recommendation is one more demonstration of our commitment to quality and the continuous improvement of our quality management system. It is another step towards showing our customer that we take their projects and our quality very seriously.” 

Thomas Fowler,

Levison Enterprises Quality Assurance Administrator


The AS9100 certifications by NSF-ISR revisions to certification relate to all aircraft and aerospace manufacturing companies. Accreditation under the new revisions encompasses the most recent version of ISO 9001 certification by NSF-ISR and demonstrates best practices within the aerospace industry. Some of these revisions include new standards for efficiency, systems management, risk management and control of externally sourced products. All of this amounts to a better and more efficient process and product for our customers.

With our ongoing commitment to quality and our customers, it’s only natural that Levison Enterprises would seek this new quality certification. We are proud of our record of high-quality products and will continue to seek out quality certifications to ensure our customers continually receive the very best electronic assembly from Levison Enterprises.