The Importance of Quality Control in Electronic Manufacturing for Aerospace

Military electronic managers face unique challenges. An ECM for military and aerospace   will need to understand defense electronic manufacturing regulations. The military has a growing need for printed circuit boards and there are many opportunities for ECMs to provide the manufacturing for military and aerospace electronic devices. However, to be involved, the partner must demonstrate competency, trust, and knowledge of the defense needs. Aerospace manufacturing is a complex industry with a high cost of failure, and this means you need an ECM who is ready for the challenge.

LEV The Importance of Quality Control in Electronic Manufacturing for Aerospace

Quality Control Processes in Aerospace Electronic Manufacturing

Because of the high stakes of aerospace electronic manufacturing, having the right quality control processes in place is crucial. At every stage of the project, from design, through component selection, to assembly and testing, established and documented procedures need to be in place. By taking a risk management approach to quality control processes, the risk assessments can be clearly defined, responsibilities for mitigating risk can be assigned to the appropriate team members, risk can be clearly communicated throughout the process, and appropriate responses can be put into place.

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Standards and Regulations in Aerospace Electronic Manufacturing Quality Control

The rapid advancement of technology is pushing the aerospace industry to new heights. As the industry evolves and technology progresses, the standards and regulations in place will adjust to keep up. Therefore, it is crucial that your ECM not only has the relevant certifications, such as ISO 9100, but has a process of continuous improvement in place to keep up with all the changes in technology.

One of the most crucial standards is the mitigation of risk of counterfeit components. While counterfeit components are never acceptable, in a complex industry the need for quality parts is even more important. One of the standards to look for in an ECM is their supply chain. By only using vetted suppliers, the risk of counterfeit components is drastically reduced.

Benefits of Quality Control in Aerospace Electronic Manufacturing

In addition to compliance with industry standards and government regulations, there are other benefits to rigorous quality control in aerospace electronic manufacturing. When you look for an ECM partner, finding a turnkey facility dedicated to quality control throughout the process can make a big difference in the end result.

  • Reduced costs

One of the biggest contributors to high cost in electronic manufacturing is remediation of issues. If a board has to be scrapped or a device fails during testing, the costs of addressing the issue late in the process are significant. When quality control processes are in place, the risk of device failure is reduced. In addition, quality control processes during the design phase of the project can create a design that is optimized for manufacturing. Quality control early means reduced costs later in the project.

  • Improved safety

Safety is paramount in the aerospace industry. Any lapse in quality control can have catastrophic results. A rigorous testing process designed to catch any potential errors at various points during the manufacturing process will have a drastic improvement in safety.

  • Enhanced reputation and customer satisfaction

While you can always go back and fix a problem, the best way to keep your reputation intact and your customers satisfied is to provide them with a high-quality product from the start. When you partner with an ECM with strict quality control processes in place, you know that you will have an end product that meets your customer’s standards. If you deliver the product within budget and within the time frame, your customers will know you are someone they can trust.

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Not all ECM partners have the same dedication to quality control. When you are looking for an ECM to handle your next aerospace electronic manufacturing project, look for one with the right certifications, the right procedures, and a high standard of continuous improvement and ongoing quality control. Levison Enterprises is your trusted ECM partner. Contact us for a quote today.